Plugins do not load automaticly [Hep]?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Gavin, Feb 15, 2011.

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    GOT IT. The plugin problem for me was apparently Jail.jar
    Thanks, will report this to the plugin dev.
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    Thanks, fixed my issues too!
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    So instead of reading my advice to test one plugin at a time you did it few days later after trying all sorts of more complicated solutions? :)
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    If you read I did try this, and the plugin works, but when put with others it doesn't.
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    OMG your right it was cause by bukkitup i deleted it and it worked fine no problem!
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    wow , i don't understand a thing sorry lol ... im not that good , i just recently started with my server like a week lol..
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    I was just pointing to the thig that no one asking for help does any ral research. Like testing only one plugin and if it works but all of them not, I'd really remove some and test again until I found the bad one.
    HAve you really never try to find a broken lightbulb on a christmas tree?
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    Fair enough fair enough.
    I'll take that and wont retaliate lol.
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    Oh I was not attacking, just trying to teach you how to fish ;)
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