Plugins are not working with BukkiGui

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by PyxisInstinct, Jul 27, 2016.

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    I have installed multiple plugins on my Bukkitgui server, and none of them work in the game. I don't know why, I was told that I should start my server by the batch file, but I don't know how to do that either.
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    A lot of the bukkitGUI plugins you can install by the search are outdated you need to download them through the real website
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    try doing this:

    1 > Create new text document.

    2 > Go in the document and paste the follwing:

    java -Xmx2G -Xms2G -jar <filename>.jar

    3 > go to File Save As then in the file type area below the file name area, click on it and choose All files. If on notepad++ click down and choose .bat files. Call your file <name>.bat

    4 > You can now delete the TXT file and click on your .bat file and it should run.

    5 > Go into your EULA folder and change the false to true.

    6 > Do as normal and port forward your server on port 25565 and your server is set.

    Note: <name> can be what ever you want but the .bat has to be behind it

    Note: you have to have java JDK 7/8 and <filename> is what your spigot/bukkit file is called
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