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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by _Error, Jul 19, 2015.

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    In your IDE put the plugin.yml file directly in the src; not in the resources. - See how I put it in the src, not the referenced libraries? Try it like that and it should work; Also I recommend using eclipse because most developers here use Eclipse.
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    Eclipse is old and bad, I won't use it ever again, Anyway I did it that way every single time. It's just that time it did not work.
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    There are actually a lot of different IDE that are used here (I was using Eclipse, but then moved to Notepad++)

    Can you post your updated classes, error and anything else related to this plugin.
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    I have done nothing, And updated nothing, Just tried to put plugin.yml in the src folder.
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    For those of us using the old and outdated Eclipse, the plugin.yml file goes in the main project folder level, not the src folder. (As can even be seen in the image shown, its not actually IN the src folder, but at the same level)

    If you have in the past always put it in the resource folder, then... perhaps you have upgraded your IDE or applied property changes to it in the form of change-packs -- can you confirm by loading a previously existing project and recompiling it, does it now complain about the plugin.yml file? Because intellij posts seem to have plugin.yml almost anywhere it seems, it also seems that its location is specified in a setting somewhere while compiling, so that it knows where to put it in the jar file structure. If the plugin compiling fails (and the old projects dont have the plugin.yml in the jar where it should be anymore) then you've mucked a global setting (or something during the export)
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