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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by BeeT, Jan 30, 2012.

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    I would like to ask, how to update my plugin to R3? Should I add Library craftbukkit-R3 into source and recompile? Or I need to edit smth?
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    BeeT I think this is very obvious. Can you code normal Java? If not go learn that before developing plugins.

    A new craftbukkit snapshot needs to be added like this:
    Right click on desired project.
    Click on 'properties'.
    Click on 'Java Build Path'
    Click on 'Add external jars'
    Select the craftbukkit jar.
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    Can you help me? What is craftbukkit and what is bukkit...?
    I don't know should I use bukkit or craftbukkit.
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    Kind of confused myself here? You have made a plugin, yet do not know what Bukkit or CraftBukkit are?
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    Craftbukkit is the server mod for Minecraft, while bukkit is the api used to make plugins. To update your plugin for the latest version of craftbukkit, you follow the steps MuisYa posted, except you select the latest bukkit.jar. I think bukkit-1.1-R4 is the latest so far.
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