Plugin 'Under review' for 5 days?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Maximvdw, Jan 24, 2014.

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    5 days ago I uploaded a new version of one of my plugins. After 2 hours the status went to 'Under Review', now 5 days later it still has that same status..

    Is this normal? What exactly does this status mean?

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    You can get delayed sometimes due to the size of your plugin, that available staff to review it, the quantity of other plugins that have also been submitted before yours that also need reviewed.
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    Well its a 1 command plugin with 389 lines of code :S. In the meanwhile one of my other plugins got reviewed.
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    After 7 days: Plugin rejected

    So my previous build had an unimplemented updater that was just sitting there. It wasn't called ever. That plugin got rejected.

    Now I've implemented the updater (With config option) and they still don't see that toggable option -,-
    Its as clear as it sounds:
    if (Config.autoUpdate == true){

    autoUpdate = getConfig().getBoolean('autoUpdate');

    For being 'under review' for 7 days, this is not something to miss right :S
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