Plugin To Stop Players Using Lava To Kill Other Players

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Yurikoma, Nov 1, 2013.

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    I have a Problem with trolls coming onto my server and pouring buckets of lava onto my players. at one point I made it so lava could not be poured at all and instead lit the user on fire, but I want lava to see be usable on my server.

    Anyway the Idea I had was stopping lava buckets from being poured if another player is within a customisable range of blocks.

    so if I set it to 5 the player would not be able to pour lava unless I was more than 5 blocks away from them.
    It should also stop the player from placing lava from far above the target.
    so make it check to see if the lava would fall onto someone within the 5 block radius.

    Not sure how possible all this is, and it would probably take a fair amount of time to set up right, but this would be a very handy plugin to have around.
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    If you have Essentials turn player damage off for fire? :) That's the only option I know and I can't code right now finishing a request up.
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    Don't have Essentials, and all the other things it offers are already handled by my other my other plugins :p
    Don't really want to get it for just one feature.
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    I suggest just adding a delay, like maybe 10 seconds, before the lava appears, and a warning message to nearby players that a person is placing lava.
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    It would get complicated because there is always a player within 5 blocks.....I guess you can exclude the placer, but still....
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    well yeah, I meant detect players other than the one wanting to place the lava. so if I want to place it I can as long as I'm alone :p

    should also include an override permission for trusted people

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