Plugin to auto delete player.dat?

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Malific, Feb 9, 2012.

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    I've been trying to find a plugin that can delete old .dat files in my world folders for players that haven't logged on in X amount of time. Does one exist or no?

    Also same thing with essentials player.yml files, couldn't find an option in essentials for this.
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    I don't believe that there is a plugin that does this, however you could easily add something to your startup script to do this.
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    I'm not that great at coding the .bat, I mainly just used the wiki for getting my server started.

    Any idea what sort of code I would use? Or where I can find a good wiki on the language the .bat uses.
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    Oh, I assumed you were on UNIX. Not sure this is possible with Batch.
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    Definitely possible with a batch script, or even a PowerShell script.
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    Oh, ok, my bad. I wouldn't know, I don't primarily use Windows.
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    Why don't you just open the folder, sort by date, and just delete a bunch that haven't logged in for ages.
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    Was hoping for something automatic, so I don't have to keep checking back on it.

    Plus I make multiple redundant copies, and when I restore things It makes all the files the date that I did the back-up, or the date that I did the restore.

    Was looking primarily for something that runs off last login data.
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    You shouldn't run a bukkit plugin for such mundane file delete operations your OS is better and faster at anyway.

    Not a Windows person here, but if you add something like this:
    to your server start up .bat, it'll clean out old player.dats or whatever you want on each restart.
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    As I said I was after a plugin so I could go by last login date. As of right now no file on my server is older than 1/19/2012 because that was when I had to do a restore. But I know hundreds of my player.dats are at LEAST 6 months old.

    I'd like to remove anyone older than 30 days, and doing an OS operation means I'm removing 0 people right now.

    That being said, thanks for the link, it'll help since there's obviously no plugin for it.
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    where you ever able to find something? I have been looking for something like this too.
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    Sadly no, i just have to sort files by date on my ftp and delete anything to old manually.
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    I search the exact same thing currently... Did you find a plugin for that or a side solution which would check the last login date and if older than 2 month, it would be automatically deleted?
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