Plugin that tells you what city your player's are in?`

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by bigbend, Dec 3, 2012.

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    So I was checking out a few servers and found on that had a plugin that when you logged in, it gave you a message saying what city they were in plus their state and country. I would like this for my server but am not sure what it's called. If anyone has any information regardig this it would be appreciated. Thank you.

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    Towny? Factions?
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    Towny, then you may do
    /t list - To see all towns on the server
    /t <town name> shows you information about a town.
    /res <username> shows you information about a player..
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    Not sure. All I know is that when I log into this server it says "Player bigbend comes from <city> <state> <country>.


    Im using Essentials GeoIP now, but it only shows the country.

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    Guys to clarify he means like
    "Chrisman0091 comes from the New York, New York, United States" I believe. Sorry I don't know bigbend, but I hope this clears things up for other people who CAN help. Maybe give them an IP to a server that does it?
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    bigbend does it. I talked to the Essentials people and they said that the reason I'm not getting specific data is that the geolocation service doesn't have my location that specific. That doesn't make much sense to me because 1. I live in a halfway-big city, and 2. I went to the website that they use for the location services and it brought up my city when I gave it my ip. I'm confused...
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    Well I think you should be fine with just Country, as some people would be uncomfortable with all these random people knowing their city, state, and country, and some people's parents wouldn't like their kids play on those servers(personally I won't tell anybody more than my state and the city near me(I live in a suburb)).
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    Some people migjt be even offended with you sharing their country... its all to privacy. Some will like it some wont, this can also lead to bullying, racism amd other trouble. Im sorry, I didnt understand what you actually wanted, I thought youre on about towny.
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