Plugin that tells me who has been on the server.

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    I want a plugin that logs who has been on my server and at what times.

    And i want all the info to be stored into a notepad file in the folder the plugin creates.

    the 2 reasons why i want this is so I know how much traffic the free build server is getting and we seem to have a griefer on that server and nobody has an idea who it is, knowing who goes on will help us determine the culprit.

    Also can anyone also suggest any useful greifer detecting plugins?
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    No one will make this plugin for you... I think. The two ways I use to find out who has been on is, first if you have essentials it will create a log file called essentials user data, this lists all the players on your server. Another way I know of is to get adminium which is a mobile phone app that is very useful. You have to download a plugin called JSONAPI and the two link together. Then you can check your players, their inventories, their health, xp and so on... You can just stick witg the essentials user data though
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    I dont have a smart phone to do that plugin...

    And why wouldnt anyone make a plugin to do this?
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    Because I'm positive their is a way to check it in your files. I know for sure you can use essentials user data, this just seems like a req for a plugin people would use but no one really cares for it much. Just check your files.

    Something that I would like is a plugin that writes the user data to a file, but also has a playtime all names in alphabetical order like this:

    Adam: 5d 46m 20s
    Brandon: 1d 0m 5s

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    Correct. In the world folder, there is a folder called players with a list of .dat files for every user. If you sort this list by date modified, it will tell you who has been on in a specific time frame.

    I would code this up for you, but I'm super busy getting ready to move right now. I just though I'd pop on for sec to give you a temporary solution. Also, if it would help out, I made a small plugin called NoobList that can show you your new players within a specified time frame. If someone hasn't picked this up by the time things calm down for me, I'll help ya out.
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    DUDE! Your the one who made MoArrows!! FRIGIN SICK!!
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    uhh...Hasn't something similar to this been made already?
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    Nobody probably will pick this up...
    Everyone seems to ignore my ideas :/
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    I tell you the links of some log's plugins:
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    Not exactly what you are asking for but I use Notepad++ for this purpose. Pop open the server.log file and then ctrl+f on the player's name; instant log of everything that player has been up to. You can run a search on his IP to find other players using it, or do partial searches, etc, etc.

    Again, it's not a plugin, but I find it's a nice way to check up on people. I like to provide the search logs as evidence when explaining why a player wont be unbanned.

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