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    Hello, people of the bukkit forums, I am in need of a plugin that allows two types of currencies on the server, such as coins and tokens. I want to be able to have players have 2 balances of both currency types and you are able to purchase things with both currencies.

    2 currency names: coins & tokens

    Example commands:
    /pay [player] [currency]
    /coins give [player] [amount]
    /coins take [player] [amount]
    /tokens give [player] [amount]
    /tokens take [player] [amount]

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    I'm setting up a ServerSigns shop on the server, so when you click a sign, it does the command to take the coins/tokens away, and adds a permission to you
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    And if the person doesn't have enough coins, then it would give them a negative balance?
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    StarBlaze_ ServerSigns only uses 1 economy, the ones Vault is using. Vault can only accept 1 economy plugin at the time.
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    StarBlaze_ player points might suit your needs
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