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    Deathmarine Retired Staff

    As most of you know, alot of developers roam the plugin requests for ideas, simple skill building exercises, or to help a user make they're idea come to life. The thing is "one does not simply request a plugin". There is a bit more of a thought process. Before posting, I have a few thing that you might want to consider.
    Client Modifications: This request forum is for Bukkit plugins. Not Spout or Tekkit but Bukkit. I'm sure that there are forums that you can join that give you the option to request such plugins. If not make one.
    Plugin Modification: Alot of developers have a license which defines in great detail what your allowed to do with the code. This amongst other things is one reason that alot of developers will not touch these threads.
    Plugin Fixes: Most developers now have a ticket system, use it. Not expect someone else to modify it to work.
    Outdated: This by far needs a explanation. Craftbukkit is an amazing API. Which allows developers to access quite a few resources from the game. However these resources change often but rarely do they change to the extent to where they break a plugin. If there is a large update announcements tend to follow. With this in mind. If a plugin says that the last update was CB 1.2.5R1.0 then it will most likely work up to CB 1.2.5R4.0. (I still use Plague 's set spawn from CB 432 Minecraft beta 1.3 no problems). You must consider, you might be doing it wrong.
    Originality: Think outside the box. Check and see if some awesome dev already made your idea. Some of us are stretched to even having the same ideas. Google Search or BukkitDev search your idea before posting.
    Easy/Simple: If you don't write java, please don't write Easy or Simple in your title. Who knows what it will take to make your idea work.
    Formatting: These are guidelines that are set in place to get you to think about your idea, so someone else can understand it. Who, what, when where, why, how, command, permissions, effects, events, ect. These are all things that need to be considered. "I want a plugin that does colors. ", Doesn't help.
    Attitude: Most of us won't even start a project if you can't conduct yourself like a human being. We'll be more then happy to help but not to become your slave.
    Request a hack: If you request a plugin that will give strictly just you operator or an advantage!
    Ridiculous Personal Requests: If your request is for you and you alone, and no one else can use it, you might want to learn java!
    Multi-hook: If your request would require WorldEdit, WorldGuard, HoneyPot, Ultrabans, Jail, MyHome, Vault, NoCheatPlus and Factions integrated support then you might want to reconsider posting!

    If you like this, awesome, if not just let the thread die. But the requests are starting to get outrageous.
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    Good thread, Cookie Approved.
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    Awesome, hopefully this should clean up the Plugin Requests forum a bit. One thing though, how can you still use that set spawn plugin from that long ago, since the event system changed :\
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    Deathmarine Retired Staff

    There is no event for it. Command set .getLocation().getWorld().setSpawnLocation(arg0, arg1, arg2); WIN!
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    This should be a sticky! Good work :)
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    I agree with all that has been said... but if these people don't even read the "READ THIS FIRST" post then I doubt that they are going to read this. Although I certainly hope that they do.
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    Codex Arcanum

    While I agree with the majority of the content in the OP, I have a few disagreements with the above.
    Eh. This is not the place to request client modifications, but Bukkit plugins that require Spout seem well within the purview of this forum.
    I honestly don't quite get what this means. Are you referring to plugins that give special powers to OPs? Because as is evidenced by the 9002 plugins that do that, this isn't a inappropriate thing to ask for. Obviously, requests worded along the lines of the following "hey guys, can i haz plugin to give diamond armor cuz i need diamondarmor to fight mobs and stuff so please reply!!!!11!1 thanx" are unlikely to be fulfilled, but unless I am missing something about the Request a Hack heading, I disagree.
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    Oh yeah haha, wasn't thinking
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    I assume that requesting a hack means something like "I need a plugin called StopCheaters so when it is intalled on a server it runs /op whatevermyusernameis and gives me op powers" I have come across such a request recently and figured that was what was ment
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    Deathmarine Retired Staff

    Alright Examples. Request a hack, "HELP I got locked out of my server. Can someone make a plugin that will give me op?", or "Hey guys, I'm cool with players having nodus so I need a plugin that will disable NoCheat with a command I can give my players." or "Hey I need a plugin that allows me to reset any password in AuthX."

    As for spout, you get a better reaction on the spout forums if you write a post saying." I need a plugin that makes five new blocks that can be used in a recipe together." then here. Most people will say that it can be done. As well as "I have a spout plugin that needs to not be a spout plugin. So offline players can use it." I'm not going to help someone do this and I know alot of others won't either. Besides the fact that the Spout Server plugin is 3 Mb is one reason that I don't use it myself.

    As for tekkit, I've never seen it and never even used it. I barely knew it existed.

    These are considerations not guidelines. I simply would like people to think about what they are submitting before the get their hopes up. Or before they come on demanding something. Like we owe them something.
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    Codex Arcanum

    Alright. Now that I have examples, the "Request a Hack" heading makes more sense to me.

    ...and honestly I don't know enough about Tekkit to say anything about it, so we'll skip over that.

    So far as Spout goes, meh. It allows you to use Bukkit for a lot of things you couldn't have used it for before, and I personally think that an original request that involves Spout support is a much better use of space than another request for yet another poorly though out Hunger Games plugin that is "Different" from the others in some indefinable way. But since you're noting that these are "considerations" not guidelines I guess you could argue that that doesn't matter. I just figured that I'd post to give you something to consider about your considerations.
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    This is a great guide. :)
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    I say that this should be stickied!
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    mbaxter maybe add some of this to your guide?:)
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    I feel like this thread needs to be bumped ;D
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    me too :D
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    TnT sticky this?
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    Deathmarine Retired Staff

    I so want to add this to the thread.
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    The guy's hand. xD
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    I fully agree. If only TnT stuck this, then maybe there wouldn't be such erm... bad plugin requests.
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    TnT Retired Staff

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    TnT Yes. It is there, but given that people obviously do NOT read it before posting, it gives the impression that its not really working... Maybe adding two (this one admittedly does have a catchier title) might help, even in the slightest. That failing, is it not possible to actually force the user to open the Plugin Requests Guide and spend say, 2 minutes with it open (probably how long it would take them to read it), and THEN allow them to post?
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    TnT Retired Staff

    Having two won't help. People who don't read the first one won't see the second one any easier.

    As for forcing people to read for a while, that's not possible with our current setup. We may look into a template addition, but that's yet to be seen whether we can do it in a non obstructive manner.
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    But what if I want poorly formatted update requests from rude users for a "simple" hungergames plugin with emerald tools and armor, that hooks into WorldEdit, WorldGuard, HoneyPot, Ultrabans, Jail, MyHome, Vault, NoCheatPlus and Factions, Citizens, and TheKitchenSink?

    What about MY needs?
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