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    Plugin category: Admin/Developer

    Suggested name: SemiCMDBlox

    What I want: This is a very basic plugin, it allows certain players, or the console. to run commands and substitute the command block playernames with actual playernames, this is useful if you have other plugins that don't support running commands using a random online player or everybody online the server, this can be used in scenarios when you want to have it executed globally and not when a player is near a Command Block, and you won't even need the command block, this also adds the same codes you can use to substitute player names, and an additional @e which substitutes the name of the player who executed the command, you can also make it autorun a command every x amount of seconds (decimals supported) or even use all player names in plugins that don't support it. Here's an example.

    /scb tell @a hi - This would run the command /tell @a hi as if a command block was running it.

    Ideas for commands:
    /scb (command) - Runs the command as if a Command Block was running it
    /scbp (player) (command) - Similar to /scb, but instead runs it as if that player was running it
    /scbc (command) - Runs the command as if Console was running it.

    Ideas for permissions:
    scb.block - Allows use of /scb
    scb.player - Allows use of /scbp
    scb.console - Allows use of /scbc

    When I'd like it by: August 10, 2014.

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