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    I think that this will be a good idea.
    It would be grateful if someone made it for me
    The Plugin will be called Kill Confirmed(Like Call of Duty).
    /KC Join (arena)
    /KC Leave
    /KC Stats (must be in a book)
    /KC SetP1 (use wand on WorldEdit. Left click to select it)
    /KC SetP2 (use wand on WorldEdit. Right click to select it)
    /KC CreateArena (arena name)
    /KC SetSpawnPoints
    /KC Finish
    /KC SetLobby
    No Hunger
    No Health Regeneration
    I want the default class to be a Snowball for a gun and the knife to be a Iron Sword.
    The grenades could be an egg.
    The apples with be a flashbang
    The potatoes will be the stun grenade
    They could drop Iron Ignots for one team and Bricks for the other
    If they pick up their own then the message will say:
    Picked up a dog tag from you team! -1 from the other team!)
    If they pick up the other teams dog tag then the message will say:
    Kill Confirmed! +1
    I want the scoreboard to show:
    Red Team Points
    Blue Team Points
    Time Left
    The title of the scoreboard will be:
    Kill Confirmed
    The Max will be 100
    Items for Custom Classes(Primary)(VIP Players):
    Sniper = A Bow with unbreaking 3 and 20 arrows(5 hearts down).
    Light Machine Gun = 100 snowballs(1.5 hearts down)
    Sub Machine Gun = 50 snowballs(2 hearts down)
    Items for Custom Classes(Secondary)(VIP Players):
    A regular pistol = 20 snowballs(1 heart down):
    Items for Custom Classes(Perks Only One Per Class)(VIP Players):
    Speed = 25% faster
    Juggernaut = 5 more hearts but 30% slower
    Items for Custom Classes(Grenades)(VIP Players):
    Stun grenade = 2 potatoes (Makes them blind for 3 seconds and move 20% for 3 seconds)
    Flash Bangs = 3(Makes them only blind for 3 seconds)
    Regular grenade = 2(blow up in 4 seconds after it have been thrown)
    Max Classes: 3
    Default Class:
    32 snowballs(1 heart down)
    Iron Sword
    1 Regular grenade

    Each time you get a kill you get 15 more snowballs

    kc.playercommands(/kc join, /kc leave, /kc stats)
    kc.customclasses(emerald to open the menu, and choose the guns)
    kc.opcommands(all commands)
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    That's a huge plugin, i don't think you will find anyone here willing to make this.
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    I could take of the custom classes
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    Like UnrealPowerz said, no one is going to make some random person a giant plugin like this.

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