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    Hey everyone!This plugin what i request is running on bukkit forge.Bukkit forge is that plugins and mods can be loaded.I already requested this on their main webstie but i think there arent any really good coder at that site.
    Requested here:
    I think plugin developers going to need the main jar.So here it is:

    Hey!I would request a plugin. Example u spawn in the setted up lobby then u slect what do you want to be from signs.Example gunner,sniper and stuff and there could be limits for them.Example for the flagger. When everybody have choosen his team could be choose from the colors too for randomized active color teams.I mean the plugin will auto decide what color teams and which players are going to putted in.When everyone ready then they should touch something or press.When the game is over the plugin should take the paintball armors and weapons from the player and there could be rewards too.

    Please someone make this.It would be really awesome!

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