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    Suggested Name: CloseSay

    What I want:
    Basically, this is a very simple lightweight plugin, it basically tells people within a certain radius of a point on the world a message, the message has no set formatting, so you get to format it yourself. This command also doesn't output anything to console.

    Permissions: cs.say: Run the /cs command, ops without the permission can also use the command.

    /cs [x] [y] [z] [radius] [message]; Basically tells anyone within the [radius] value of the co-ordinates ([x], [y], [z]) a special message, and has no output to the console. Here's an example:

    If the player uses "Hi!" as the message, it will say "Hi!" in the chat, in plain text, no fancy extras, just a boring old "Hi!" with absolutely no formatting, but if you put "Man: Hi!" it will say to anyone within the radius of that point "Man: Hi!" in plain text with nothing fancy, however, they can also use color codes to spice up the message. Basically, what I mean is this:

    When a player in a vanilla server does /me (action), the message is shown to everybody in the server with the following format:

    " * <PLAYERNAME> [arguments]"

    However, when a player with this plugin does this command, it's just shown to anyone within the radius of the point given in the following format:


    When I want it by: July 28, 2014; 5:41 PM

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