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    Plugin category : General

    Suggested name : AppointmentReminder

    What I want : I want a plugin with an ability for players to set up an appointment with another player and they will meet up in a special warp. They will be reminded 1 in-game hour before the appointment. The can set the time when the appointment will happen. Appointment requests can only be done when the player you want to set the appointment with is online. Request messages are customizable in the config.

    Ideas for commands :
    - /app request [playername] (message)
    Request for an appointment.

    - /app request accept
    - /app request deny
    Accept or deny an appointment request.

    - /app setwarp [name]
    Set the special warp for appointments. Similar to /setwarp but this is only for this plugin.

    - /app reload
    Reload the config.

    [...] = Needed
    (...) = Optional

    Ideas for permissions :
    - app.request.*
    Permission for /app request ; /app request accept ; /app request deny

    - app.admin
    Permission for /app setwarp ; /app reload

    - app.request.bypass
    Permission for people that can't be sent an appointment request.

    When I'd like it by : Anytime ! Please take your time while doing this.
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    But... whats the appointment for? Doctor? Dentist?
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    Anything, from trade to group meetings.
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    what version you use:
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    Its already out ^_^

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