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  1. Plugin category: Fun

    Suggested name: Items4Kills

    What I want: What I was looking for was a simple plugin that when you kill people, you get an item. Maybe setting it to numerous kills for one item and a message to the player saying they have received that item for killing a player. Ive tried all the rest but they are usually hooked to iConomy. Thanks.

    Ideas for commands: /rewards, /kills (whatever really)

    Ideas for permissions: I dont really think there needs to be any other than maybe like items4kills.recieve

    When I'd like it by: ASAP :)
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    OtherDrops can do this by dropping items (can't put them in the attackers inventory) with the following config:

      PLAYER:  # when a player is killed
    dropdiamond  # a diamond is dropped in addition to any other items player might drop
    You can have a list of items eg. [egg, diamond] to drop both or {egg, diamond} to drop only one of those items and give various chance values if you want it to only happen some of the time.

    Can't do the "item for numerous kills" part though - perhaps try MobBountyReloaded? I know it has killstreak detection but not sure how it handles item drops.
  3. Zarius
    I was looking at doing that, but my map is pvp, one side it better at long range but terrible at short range and the opposite for the second team, so it might be unfair for the people at long range.
    And I tried MobBountyReloaded but it seems to only work with an economy plugin and only gives money. I also tried kill counter, which worked for a while but stopped for some reason and I cannot get it working again :/
  4. Bump? Anyone any ideas?
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    Don't know if it helps you but MobBountyReloaded page says "Modify drops and experience with MobBountyReloadedDrops!".

    Also, OtherDrops has an attackrange: condition which may assist but yeah, still drops the item where the player died. Can also distinguish between tools used (eg. arrows vs swords). Killstreaks is a planned feature for OtherDrops but not high on my list.
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    I can probably do this.
    Would you like to expand on your commands section. What do they do (seen as you've put them there).
    Would there be multiple rewards for different levels of kills (kill streaks), or just a repeating reward (1 diamond every 5 kills).
    All above are just examples and inquiries, please try to give me a more complete idea.
    I hope to help.
  7. Adzwoolly
    That would be great!! I wouldn't want it to complex, just really have the option to set how many kill give which items but then have the option to give 1 diamond every kill or whatever. And regards to the commands, im really not fussed! As long as there is a reload I can do everything from the set up files. I don't want to put too much work on you and again thank you!!! :)
    Anything else you need to know, just holla!
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    Should the dieing player drop the items in their inventory?
  9. Adzwoolly
    Maybe have a choice for it? I have it set on the server to not drop items, but just incase the plugin overwrites that and if anyone else wants the plugin
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    which is best?
    [I4K] Reloaded!
    [Items4Kills] Reloaded!

    EDIT: I decided [Items4Kills] Reloaded!

    ETA 1 day to 1 week

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  11. Adzwoolly
    That would be perfect thank you!! The sooner the better :)
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    User OtherDrops!!! all stop posting... this Theared is done!!!
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    This does seem very powerful, maybe a little too powerful.
    Also, I didn't see any functionality for killstreaks

    It's up to dscrossland if that suits his needs. If so, I will stop developing. Otherwise, I will carry on.

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  14. Adzwoolly
    Yeah I need the killstreak option and I need the item to be put straight into the killers inventory, so dropping the item where the player died won't really work. Sorry. Zarius Really good plugin though! Will definitely use it for another server!
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    I will continue...

    probably on the shorter side.

    I have the main plugin part working, I need to make a good config though. My current method is very excessive.
    To save resources, I may just do landmarks such as
    #Configuration for Items4Kills by Adzwoolly!
    I will try to make a better config that is more customizable though.

    Will you need to give more than one item at a time?

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  16. Adzwoolly
    Yeah that sounds good and no I wont be giving more than one item, it'll just be one. :)
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    Seen as I'm struggling with checking the config etc., what numbers should be in the config. Is the above fine or do you want some different ones?
  18. Yeah the above looks great! But would you be able to set it so if I wanted to, I could give a killer the same reward every kill unless they get a killstreak, but then continue getting one reward every kill until the next killstreak and so on?
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