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    SellingGUI Chest Or Something
    As you all may of heard of the plugin essentials, in that plugin there is a command "/sell" witch you can choose to sell the blocks in your hand etc, well in a few different servers like jail and skyblock servers they have like a sign or villager you can click onto to buy items that are shown up in a chest, or you can right click a sign or villager and a chest like GUI comes up and it's empty you are then able to put items in it, and it will sell the plugin using the combined plugins Vault and Icomony.

    Plugin category: Generald

    Suggested name: SellingGUI - Or Something

    What I want: I said it above in the first paragraph :)

    Ideas for commands: /sell, and a sign with [sell] in the top line, and /sell spawn villager to spawn a villager to sell the items

    Ideas for permissions: sellGUI.sell (for the command) sellGUI.villager (to click the villager)

    When I'd like it by: Yesterday.

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