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    Hello everybody,
    Project2012 is our First Plugin.
    If you have a cool idea for the Plugin please send it to us!
    This is our First Version and We hope you have Fun.
    If you find a bug please send a Message to us!
    More Command coming soon.
    Ive put here a Download Link Because i can't upload files.
    Plugin Video:

    /health : Show you how many Live you have.
    /author : Show who has make this Plugin.
    /hungry : Show how many Hunger you Have
    We add this Commands:
    /gmc : Change if you are normal to Creative Mode or if you are Creativ Mode to normal.
    /healme : Heal you/Give you Live
    /feedme : Feed you
    /swp <Name> : set warp
    /wp <Name> : Teleport to warp.

    We hope you have fun!

    Download : Project2012
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    Please read the submission guidelines and format your thread as outline there.
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    Not to be rude but... what does this offer that the 12 other General Command plugins do not already offer?

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