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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Insanehero, Jan 16, 2011.

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    Hello fellow minecrafters! I have a few questions about Bukkit plugin programming as a fellow programmer myself. I'm a bit confused about the format of Bukkit and I would love to see a clear and simple thread that hits all the main points( YES, I know about the wiki page, but it basically only teaches you how to set it up, but not the format of it) Is there a page that has a list all of the commands? I'm also wondering what's the huge difference between Hmod programming and Bukkit programming?


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    A huge list of all the commands would be the Javadocs:
    Focus on the org.bukkit package.
    Big differences between HMod and Bukkit:
    - There's a plugin.yml file that you need to put in your plugin. Most importantly, it needs to point to the package/class of your main plugin class.
    - Event listeners have been spun off into several kinds. There's block, player, entity listeners, as well as vehicle, server, and world listeners. I'm thinking it's to cut overheads and to make things more easily spun into multiple threads. :3
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    Kk thanks for the help.
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