Plugin Needed - Realms (PlotMe Modified)

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by ZackBlazes, Oct 12, 2014.

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    Plugin category: Economy, Role-Playing

    Suggested name: Realms

    What I want:
    I want a plugin that allows my players, in our survival world, to be able to survive normally, but for breaking blocks, killing mobs, and killing players they earn money through iConomy 7. Once they have that certain amount of money, they can type a command that gives them their own 50x50 private realm.
    I know this sounds similar to PlotMe, however PlotMe does not feature everything that I am looking for. In PlotMe, the entire world is a plot. I need to have 'public realms' that can be claimed as your own realm, but public realms can be built on by anybody.
    (OPTIONAL) Create a message whenever a realm is walked on that displays the /realm info (below).
    Also, please be sure to limit players to only 1 realm. Also, realms never expire.

    Ideas for commands:
    /realm or /realm help: Displays commands for Realms.
    /realm claim: Claim a realm for a configurable amount of money.
    /realm unclaim: Disband a realm for a configurable refund.
    /realm info: Displays information of the realm standing on (i.e. owner, name of realm, etc.)
    /realm name <name>: Name your realm.
    /realm home: Teleports you to your realm
    /realm add <playername>: Adds a player as a member of your realm so they can build.
    /realm remove <playername>: Removes a member of your realm.

    Ideas for permissions: None, want everything to be default for players.

    When I'd like it by: Since I know it is a big plugin, any time before the end of October would be nice.

    Please note that I am looking for a plugin similar to the plots plugin on MineRealms Survival Server, however customized to meet my needs.
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    Bump. Anyone want to fill the request?
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    There are some plugins that can fill some of your requests. Otherdrops can give players money for breaking blocks and killing mobs:

    Money Per Kill can allow players to get money for killing others:
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    Bump. Really need this filled.
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    Bumpity bump bump.
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  9. I'd be willing to make this plugin, but without kill logs and blockbreak logs. In other words, I'll make a realms plugin for you that will depend upon external API's if you will, that should keep track of certain data. I'm not sure such plugin API's exist, so if you don't know any of that sort then I will also make a plugin consisting of logs for specific events such as kills and block-breaks. By the end of October :)

    Actually, it might be a little over October. (but not by much)

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    Hey, thanks! Keep me updated please.
  11. PetrosPolemistis Err... in my time zone you posted that on the last day of October, so at best you meant 'in a couple of days', at worst you meant like 10 hours time :p
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  13. Yes, I've started.
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