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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by pomo4ka, May 30, 2011.

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    sounds like poo :3​
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    Sounds like someone needs to be REALLY ambitious and beat Notch to rewriting the core. I would but no incentives or Money would flow my way to compensate for my time
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    Probably Notch will make it to November 11 :)
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    Nope. He's 99.99% likely to just keep the existing core and finish patching like he already is, but there's that 0.01% chance that they'll rewrite the core to get better speed and efficiency on the clients and servers but still not likely.
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    I think that he is an adequate man. And if it is to write 1 time and normal, then he will understand and will do anything for it. ;)
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    Shhh don't discourage him. I dream of 300 people playing on my 16 core per server cluster.
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    Dream on, notch is updating minecraft alone and I'm not seeing him doing any major changes.
    On a beta stage rewriting the server ? not likely... I have my bet on the community for that !
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    I love everything, except:

    The best part about bukkit is the ability to add plugins. I don't see the need to disable them.
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    i dont know what people are muttering on about here.... what greencubes is trying to achive isnt present in bukkit or vanilla. They will beable to fully load say an i7 cpu using only 1 server instance .... that is not possible with standard server. What this guy is requesting is that the bukkit team or some plugin devs come up with some way of offloading some of the main thread tasks to seperate ones thus allowing more load on the main thread.

    Is it possible ? im sure it is

    just incase anyone doubts what i just said look at change 1 on bukkit 1041 :)

    Build #1041 (05-Aug-2011 20:06:40)

    [​IMG]Build Artifacts
    [​IMG] Changes
    1. Chunk Compression on seperate thread. Thanks to Zeerix. (commit: 70eb361891a145c776e4ec0d57596232f6483aed) (detail / githubweb)
    2. Implemented per world setting to keep the spawn in memory or not. (commit: abe1a8a5bb54505a57b10e0d9f55a5f9c5ef8da8) (detail / githubweb)
    3. Made PlayerPortal event fire regardless of allow-nether setting. (commit: f169f4d5b315d0b4c10e60d34851c9101174ba6e) (detail / githubweb)
    4. Prevent Nether Portals from teleporting the player from Bukkit worlds to the Nether. (commit: 2dc2af0085bcf9bba12564921907b9c9b881bd9c) (detail / githubweb)
    5. Map handling improvements. (commit: 99a233af355adc5f637c71f40a60f955199f8252) (detail / githubweb)

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    So if i want to run a 100 player server, whats best to choose?
    3.0Ghz 2Cores/4Threads ?
    3.0Ghz 4Cores/8Threads ?
  11. The latter, even though you won't benefit from the additional cores but the threads will help.
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    So 2cores/2threads would be the best choise because minecraft server only uses on core?
    I am using on our second mc server a xeon cpu (2cores/2threads) and java is using both cores, so are you sure that a mc server does not use 4 cores ?
  13. Yes, the way minecraft is coded means it can only utilise 1 core.
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    I am trying to build a new 100 player server for mc:
    -Dell PoweredgeII
    -Intel® Pentium® Processor G6950 (3M Cache, 2.80 GHz)
    -8 or 16GB DDR3 RAM
    -Win2008 64Bit
    -colocation 1 x 100Mbps Full-Duplex
    Do you think this set up can hold 100 players or do you recommend something else then this?
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    Way too low. You need double the RAM, and an i7 to run a 100 player server.
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    IIRC Notch's plan is to use the server for single player games. I suspect when/if this happens we will see some performance improvements.
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    Ok then :)
    They installed new servers on my host, how many people can this box host ?
    Server HP ProLiant DL120
    CPU 1x Intel Quad Core X3440
    RAM 16GB DDR3
    Harddisk 2x1TB SATA2
    Os Windows 2008 R2 64Bit
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    I would say about......40-50. The CPU is holding you back.
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    So a X3440 4/8 3.0Ghz cannot hold 100 players?
    Only one more cpu that i can use on that box.
    The W3690 can hold 100 players?
    Or else i give up :p
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    I would take my shot with the W3690. The only 100+ servers I have heard of used an i7 extreme edition. Maybe it would be better to ask said server operators as my experience in this area is limited once you get into premium single core processors vs decent quad core processors. Especially because Minecraft server does not support multiple cores. The above advice I gave you is definitely correct however I don't want to preach about something I don't know.
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    Java tuning can either raise RAM usage into the many gigabytes, or lower it to 300-400MB average.

    Also, Minecraft does seem to use all 4 cores if you push it hard enough. This is 48,000 blocks of TNT going off on my server(yes, literally):

    I decided to do such a drastic test to prove whether the load will be on 1 core for minecraft doing it calculations or more than 1 core. As we can see, more than 1.

    *sorry for thread necro*
  22. How can u be sure that is Minecraft that uses all 4 Cores? You got so much other stuff open in the background there is no way to tell if it is minecraft...
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    Because I know what process is Minecraft. You dont have to believe me I know, but I only run 3 java things. JDownloader, a custom TCP/IP buffer for the MC server, and Minecraft itself. I always set the java.exe to high priority when I start the MC server too. So if I come back to it days later I can easily find it by just looking at which java process is set to high. And I was watching the process at the start of the 48,000 TNT explosion. As soon as the TNT started going off the CPU usage skyrocketed from 4% average up into the low 90's
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    Minecraft takes up 4 (or 3, I can't remember) threads. So unless out have a server running on a 6 or 8 cores, there really isn't any point. The event system works perfectly fine, and Bukkit already has a system to call methods at a later date. If you wanted to, you could make each one schedule the next.
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    Because its using 95% of his cpu. If it wasent using all 4 cores then this would be impossible. if it was using 1 core the most cpu it could max at would be 25% or 1/4 his cpu, 2 50% and 3 75%, so in order to be using 95% it has to be using at least part of all 4.
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    And here we are, over two years later having the exact same problem! :) The only difference is that it is much, much worse now that many more things have been added to minecraft.What is even worse is all of those FTB servers that have 125 mods running in one thread... Perhaps if Mojang worked with the developer of this mod we may see multithreading down the road: http://forum.feed-the-beast.com/thr...le-entity-ticks-and-other-optimisations.6498/ It has helped many FTB servers.
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