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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Fishchunks, May 27, 2011.

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    Hi there, i'm Fishchunks and i'm new to bukkit plugin dev and i was wondering if anyone has any ideas for SIMPLE plugins i could make? If you can provide a bit of code i will give you credit (It is only going to be for my server and not distributed YET (Don't want to destroy other peoples servers with my lame coding skills!)



    P.S. If i use your idea, i will invite you to my server so i can make a statue of you! :)
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    Thats cool, wish I had an idea, however if you would like some help starting off try my plugin template.
    Click! <- Click That
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    i do, i don't know if it's a good idea, but i want to be able to make some bot still spawn when i shut down the server then switch it on.

    I mean, i type in chat /mobprotect (or any command) then click on the mob, then the server register the mob, and will not delete it.

    The reason for that, is that i make a little subway, and on the side of the subway, i've put some mob in jail, just for fun, and when i shut down the server, they simply disapears ^^.
    Can you do that for me please ?
    (is it even possible ?)
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    Automatic/Instant Broadcaster:

    I got the best idea! :D
    What if you could make a plugin that sent automatic broadcasts on the server!
    This is something I want!

    Example, you can send an instant message for example:
    Donate to the server! Go to (Website)!
    For example, (again) every 5th minute...

    Is this something you can make?

    - PS! You could call it InstantBroadcaster...

    Please warn me if you make it and when you release it! :)

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    Mod that uses dispenser to place boats and minecarts rather than drop the item would be my request.
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    I like your idea, it sounds quite easy. I will look up some code soon. Thanks


    P.S. I like your name idea!
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    Hmmm... Haha! Tnx man! Warn me!
  8. this would be easy just make a timer and when the timer gets to 5min broadcast a message
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    I think there is already a server message broadcaster.
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    Yea i know! :)

    There is one, but this would be MINE and these are only really plugins for me to learn. BTW, your template confused me! lol

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    This is a great idea, unlimited minecarts on the block with a rail right next to it. Then when you get to the end it should suck up the minecart.

    Might start writing something like that soon...
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