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    I want a plugin to help me accomplish my desired spawn set up.
    I run a public server. So we get flooded with greifers and people who just don't want to read the rules. I wish to have a spot where you spawn ONLY the first time you log in, I want this to be a separate location from where /spawn takes players. At this spot, there is rules and information that the players must read. After which there will be a series of questions w/ either portals or just holes you jump down to insure the players have read the rules. At the end of this test, is the real map. When you reach the end of the test, it promotes you to a new group instead of default. This group can /spawn and play like normal. I know this won't filter out griefers and such, but it should filter out people who don't read the rules.

    If you can do this and are willing I would greatly appreciate it.

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    I'm actually quite interested in part of this...
    Being able to have players spawn into one area on first log-in, then a different one on death or /spawn would be useful as I'd like to build a "Hell" zone that players would have to navigate to respawn fully..
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    It would be trivial to test for the first login of a player.
    It looks like warping a player to a set spot is easy to do.
    The hardest part is management of groups. That is still, dead simple.

    This seems really easy, and I may have to add it to my plate if nobody else has done so and released the source.
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    I imagine it's not too terrible - other plugins have messed with groups before on hey0.
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    Group management looks like simple file manipulation.
    First time user looks liek a simple file-exist operation.
    Moving people looks like a teleport command..

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