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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Chillax_Team, Dec 19, 2011.

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    I was wanting a list of plugins that i always use. But i do not want to Bookmark all of them. SO i though about. Why don't they just add a 'Favorite' Button! Btw, I think this is the wrong area.
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    Yep, wrong area, but I like the idea (although something quite similar has been proposed some times).
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    On bukkitdev you can follow plugins and on here you can follow threads. Hope that helps.
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    like in your profile you can click 'Plugin Favorites'
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    This wouldn't be needed since you can already follow plugins, apparently.
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    I'm thinking more of a system where you can add plugins to a certain "list". You could have a separate list for each server you own etc. On the plugin's page, you could click a button to add it to one of your lists.

    Then, you would have a page listing all those plugins you have picked. It would show what the most recent version is, and the last version you downloaded (to allow for easy checking if you need to update). Whenever you download a file there would be a checkbox so you could mark that you have that version.

    This would be a great tool for keeping track of all your plugins and updating them, and would make our jobs a lot easier. But for some reason I highly doubt it can/will ever happen due to Curse.

    Perhaps someone like @lukegb could comment on it?
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  8. @chaseoes thats fantastic. I have hard times keeping my plugins up-to-date when I don't know their version. Luckily McMyAdmin tells me them, though. But a complete list of my plugins would be great, as I wouldn't have to seek for them all the time again.

    Also, as an addition if this was being added, it'd be great if it had 2 separate categories for the plugins.
    It would automatically move them to "Up-to-date" if you have downloaded the newest version of them and as soon as a new version appears it would move them to "Outdated". This would make it yet a bit easier to track which plugins need to be updated and what not.
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    Indeed, on BukkitDev, I really need a list/favorite function and a feature to determine which plugins are "Up-to-date" and which are "Outdated"..!
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    Deleted user

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    I to vote on this thread i want a page that i can view a list of all the plugins im following
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    "Watched Threads" anyone?
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    i love it how people keep referring to post made in this section to
    no rugrat there is no watch thread button on bukkitdev
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    thats not the same. that is the subscription not the Watch thread button as it shows in your screen shot. here on this site when you select watch the thread it will then appear in your watch thread page in a list. i loved this and used it to easily view at a glance all the plugins i used for my server. I also dont like that the subscription option spams my emial. watched thread gave me alarts in the top right coner of any update that have recently happen also

    so ill say again is watched thread
    bukkitdev is subscirption

    they are not the same nor spelled the same
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    Alerts are something we have asked Curse for, and we do expect to be added. They should serve a similar function to thread subscription.
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    It works, but isn't the same as having a "list" handy.
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    Curse has a favorite button and BukkitDev is hooked to curse. So why not?
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    Whats the point of having a favoruite plugin where you already have the plugin. You wont need at again till the new update
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    Wow.... i made this post a long time ago... Why do people still comment on it?
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    That's the point.. so you can easily check the current version of the plugin and compare it to the version you have.

    I've managed to hook into BukkitDev and create a service that does this, but I need a PHP developer to help out with it before we can even think about making it public. Send me a PM if you think you can help out (being a plugin developer would be an awesome plus too).
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    Wait what kind of job do u want me to do. Also speak on skype
    Skype Name: AUGOPS
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