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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Maxx_Qc, Jul 5, 2015.

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    Hi everyone, I'm trying to define a string as a faction but I don't get it to work.
    I have a command and I want to define the arg 0 as a faction but it doesn't work! :(
    This is what I have for now (not working, of course) : Faction duelFaction = Faction.get(args[0]);

    Error when I type in the console with a faction name : Non existing factionId Maxx_Qc requested. Cleaning all boards and uplayers.

    Can someone tell me how to define an arg as a faction? THANK YOU!
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    @Maxx_Qc Forget this if English is not your first language: Please type better, I can barely understand you. Also, could you please tell us what you are even trying to make? Will make us understand it better.
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    My first language is french :/

    Wow, thank you so much

    Ok so I have an error.
    Faction duelFaction = FactionColl.get().getByName(args[0]);
    My error is on the .get().
    It says: [​IMG]
    Please help!

    @Totom3 can you help me on this?

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    @Maxx_Qc No idea. It seems like the .jar you are using does not match the source code posted on Github. Perhaps they've made all the methods static? So you'd use FactionColl.getByName( .... ). I can't help you much more, sorry.
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