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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by NuclearCatalyst, Jun 30, 2013.

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    I am staff on a Minecraft server in development. The owner is applying plugins, and needs some assistance with troubleshooting. He uses a Mac computer, and he keeps getting the error "Invalid plugin.yml". Does anyone here use a Mac and have some time to talk about troubleshooting with the owner? Or perhaps a solution just by looking at the error? Thank-you for your time!
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    For one, the problem is that... it's a mac.

    Anyways the actual problem is that the plugin.yml file is either incorrect or missing in one of the plugins. The plugin.yml file is a file that every plugin has in it's .jar and it contains information for the plugin that the server reads. If this isn't there or if the formatting is incorrectly set up then it will throw that error. Along with the error it should say what .jar file it was trying to load and then you can narrow down what plugin it causing it from that an you can talk to the plugin developer.

    Third, this is the wrong section for this. This section is for people that are developing their own plugins. This would probably be better if it were in the Bukkit Help section.
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    Mind backing that statement up? =)
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    Mac = high price, low quality

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    pc master race ;o
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    Mac is for old people that don't want to do anything advanced (meaning it's simple)
    Windows is for young people who actually know how to use technology (ps. we're smart)
  8. ThunderWaffeMC
    Mac is more advanced than windows.
    It's just mac is easier to find everything. And use it.

    And also, let's not start a flame war.
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    I honestly hope you're joking.
    Unix > DOS

    You're just jealous that we have a command like that can actually do something.
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    You're all getting off topic..

    NuclearCatalyst is there anyway we can get the stacktrace it gives?
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    Yeah, if you buy from the Apple Store. I have a Mac Mini, with 16 Gb Ram, an i7, along with a 480gb ssd, and I paid under $800 after upgrades.

    I should add this, people say "Macs suck for gaming OOLOLOLOL UR GAAAY". I can boot into 3 different(Win 8, Backtack, and Libertè Linux) OS's I have on external HD's within 30 seconds. =)
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