Plugin does not load on another server.

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Innuendo, Jun 4, 2016.

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    I made a plugin for a friend's server. When I use/test it on my server, it works. When they install it, it doesn't work. My plugin does enables without warnings or errors on my server. But on their server, it doesn't even load in Console. No idea why or what I or they did wrong.

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    My friend's server:
    - Bukkit 1.8.8
    - 28 Plugins

    My Server:
    - Bukkit 1.8.8
    - 1 other plugin. (WorldEdit)

    - 0 Warnings
    - 0 Errors
    - Works on my server with no errors
    - Does not appear on their Console
    - Uses no other APIs

    Thanks for any help,
    ask questions if needed!
    Thanks so much!
    - Innuendo
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    @Innuendo If you don't even see it in the console then they didn't put in the right folder. Another problem could be that you compiled with a higher Java version than their machine's Java version.
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    @teej107 How do I change the Java version of my plugin?
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    @Innuendo Depends on how you compile. Unless you use IntelliJ, I can't help you much. If you use Eclipse, there may be an option to compile it with Java 7 rather than 8. But before you go through that trouble, it would be best to know what the actual problem is. Do you have a stacktrace?
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    I Al Istannen

    Eclipse isn't that bad.
    Right click Project -> Properties -> Java Compiler on the left -> Enable Project specific setting -> Set Compiler Level to Java 1.7

    But yes, checking the Stacktrace would be the next logical action.
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    @teej107 They have in the plugins folder, I'll double check though.
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