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Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by Larry Newman, Jan 7, 2015.

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    Larry Newman

    And there I was. Mystically scrolling through the forums...
    And then I noticed.

    There are two forums related to Plugin Development. One for Bukkit Alternatives and one for Bukkit Plugins.
    This one
    And this one

    In addition to the massive amount of mis-categorized topics, Bukkit Alternatives and Bukkit Plugins are usually discussed in either forum. Maybe merging the two forums into one titled 'Bukkit Development' or 'Software Development.' I've seen some members and developers only post in one forum, but with completely valid questions/problems in the other forum that they don't see.

    Just a suggestion :p
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  2. @Larry Newman Oh please god no. Bukkit alternatives do not belong on the Bukkit forums as it is, don't merge them into one section.
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    @Larry Newman
    The Alternatives Section is here for a reason. There are a lot of people who are having Alternatives related issues and people in this Section are probably more familiar with those Softwares. If there are also things that specifically require an Alternative to be installed, people might get more confused without this specific Section.
    Another reason for that Section is also that we do not "support" those Alternatives. However we kinda support them in that section. While I can understand that you might like to have a Software Developement Section, I dont think there are enough Threads for that. General Software Developement can simply be posted in the Offtopic Section.

    There is no point in merging those.
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