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Discussion in 'Plugin Help/Development/Requests' started by EvilWitchdoctor, Mar 17, 2015.

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    @ Any staff: If I posted this is the wrong section please correct me, thanks :)

    Just a quick question for fellow developers or bukkitdev mods:
    From a plugin's main page there is a "download" button, but clicking this takes users to the first uploaded version of the plugin. How to I change this to take them to the latest available file for download?
    Here's my example:

    Thanks folks!
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    @EvilWitchdoctor The file type for your latest file is set to "Beta" while the file you go to when you click the download button is set to type "release." Change your latest file from "beta" to "release" and the problem you are having should be fixed.

    edit: you are going to the first file because it is the only one labeled release (look at the column 'release type'):
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    Thank you for the prompt and detailed post! I always assumed bukkit automatically labeled files as release or beta based on age, but now I understand I need to do this myself. Thanks again
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