Plugin Deployment and Moving an Entity.

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by millerni456, Aug 5, 2011.

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    Hello, I have two questions...

    1. How do wrap up my plugin. I know it needs to be a jar and I know how to use jar commands.
    I want to know the format of my jar.
    My guess is... include the package containing the plugin and the plugin.yml file.
    If that is all I need I suppose I'm ready.

    2. Also I wanted to know if I could move an entity without teleporting them.
    I want to make a plugin where the user can fly or ride a flying mob, but I want the moving to be a smooth transition.
    In addition to moving, is there a way I can make a player jump?

    Never mind on question one. I tried what I thought would work (including the package and .yml) and it works fine :) Question 2 is up for grabs still. Help is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Nick.

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    For the moving, just set the velocity in the direction your going in, and do that over and over. That would be my guess.
    As far as the jumping, not a real jump, but a very small upwards velocity boost would work.
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    The problem with the jumping is that when the player lags it's not very smooth anymore, even if it's just very little lag :/ Mostly if you test it on your localhost testserver you won't notice that :p
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    Thanks for the help :) Velocity seems like it should work, so I will try that.

    If you are talking about faking a jump with teleporting Pencil, I haven't noticed lag using my server :p
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    If you need a good tutorial to teach the basics of making plugins check the resources tab in my signature.
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    Thanks infected, it seems like the wiki was all I needed though ;). Btw, how do you get that silly purple rectangle with 'plugin developer' in it?
  7. After you submit a plugin and it gets moved to releases. PS : It's not silly, it's awesome :D
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    You just sign over your soul and 8hrs a day to Bukkit.
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    I'm not talking about lag on the server, I mean if someone on your server is a little lagging, or simply has a bad connection he will find that the "fake" jumping very rough and not smooth :p I mostly never notice it on my server either because I have a good connection and I'm pretty close to it :D
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