Solved Pls help with translation, I'm tired of the BOM encoding when translating!(NotePad++)

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by AnBee, Aug 8, 2020.

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    Please help with UTF-8 without BOM!

    (I use notepad++ with UTF-8 without BOM, but still squiggles)!
    *I translate into Russian from English
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    timtower Administrator Moderator

    @AnBee Can't help without file.
    And squiggly lines have nothing to do with bad text.
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    lang.YML From Eng to Rus*
    no-permission: '&aYou don''t have permission to perform this command'
    no-arena-found: '&aNo arena found.'
    already-in-spectator: '&cYou are already in spectator.'
    spectate-command-usage: '&eCommand usage /spectate <player> to spectate a player.'
    spectate-info: '&eYou can spectate players by using ''/spectate <player>''.'
    cannot-leave-from-queue: '&cYou can''t leave from queue right now.'
    already-in-queue: '&cYou are already in queue.'
    out-of-ranked-matches: '&cYou are out of ranked matches.'
    cannot-join: '&cYou may not be in a party to join that queue.'
    must-be-in-party: '&cYou must be in a party for this queue.'
    party-too-big: '&cYou party is too big for this queue.'
    must-be-the-leader: '&cYou must be the party leader to queue up.'
    one-player-is-offline: '&c<player> is offline.'
    player-in-game: '&a<player> &cis already in a gmae.'
    player-in-queue: '&a<player> &cis already in queue.'
    player-in-duel: '&a<player> is in a duel.'
    current-queue: '&eCurrently in queue in <getGameType><isRanked> with kit <kit>'
    not-enough-players: '&cThere are not enough players for this queue.'
    match-found-1vs1: '&a<kit> &e<isRanked> match found: <player> vs <enemy>'
    match-found-2vs2: '&a<kit> &e<isRanked> match found:<player>''s party vs <enemy>''s
    match-found-3vs3: '&a<kit> &e<isRanked> match found:<player>''s party vs <enemy>''s
    match-starting: '&6Match starting in &a<seconds> &6seconds. '
    cannot-spectate-while-queue: '&cYou can''t spectate a player when you are in the queue'
    cannot-spectate-while-editing: '&cYou can''t spectate if you are editing a kit'
    cannot-queue-while-editing: '&aYou can''t queue up if you are editing a kit'
    player-in-editing-kit: '&c<player> is editing a kit'
    target-must-be-in-game: '&cThey must be on an arena for you to spectate them.'
    spectate-teleport: '&bTeleporting to <player>'
    loaded-kit: '&aLoaded <kit> kit.'
    loaded-default-kit: '&aNo kit found,loading default <kit> kit'
    editing-location-not-found: '&cError!Editing kit location not found.'
    kit-saved: '&aSaved <kit> kit.'
    teleport-to-spawn: '&3Teleporting to spawn...'
    restricted-commands-editing: '&cYou can''t use command in editing.'
    only-leader-can-invite: '&cOnly the party leader can send party invites.'
    player-joined-in-party: '&e<player> &bhas joined the party.'
    player-in-party: '&c<player> is already in a party.'
    not-in-party: "&c\u0420\u045e\u0421\u2039 \u0420\u0405\u0420\xb5 \u0420\u0406 \u0420\
    party-disband-by-leader: '&e<player> &bhas disbanded the party'
    party-leave-player: '&e<player> &bhas left the party'
    party-disband: '&bThe party has disabanded.'
    party-player-disconnected: '&c<player> logged out'
    only-leader-can-kick: '&cOnly the party leader can kick players from party.'
    not-in-your-party: '&c<player> is not in your party'
    player-kicked-from-party: '&e<player> has been kicked from the party.'
    only-leader-can-disband: '&cOnly the party leader can disband the party.'
    party-invite-expired: '&cYour party invite timed out.'
    no-party-request: '&cYou don''t have any party requst'
    party-request-sent: '&1Party invite sent to <player>'
    party-request-received: '&aParty request from <player>.Click here to accept it.'
    already-in-your-party: '&cThis player is already in your party'
    party-join: '&aYou joined in <player>''s party.'
    party-leave: '&aYou left from <player> party.'
    party-kick: '&aYou were kicked from <player> party.'
    duel-command-usage: '&cCommand usage /duel <player> to duel a player.'
    duel-starting: '&aDuel starting with <player> .'
    accept-command-usage: '&cCommand usage /daccept <player> to accept a duel'
    player-offline: '&cThis player is offline'
    no-duel-request: '&cYou don''t have any duel request.'
    duel-request-received: '&a<kit> request from &6<player>. '
    json-text: '&6Duel <kit> request from &6<player>.'
    json-display: '&6Click to accept it.'
    duel-request-sent: '&1Duel request sent to <player>'
    player-disconnected: '&c<player> logged out'
    player-killed: "&a<player> was killed by <killer>(<health>&4 \u2665)"
    player-killed-onevsone: "&a<player>(<elovictim>)(<newelovictim>) was killed by <killer>(<health>&4\
    \ \u2665)(<elokiller>)(<newelokiller>)"
    enemy-killed: "&a<player> was killed by <killer>(&d<health>)&4 \u2665"
    ally-killed: "&a<player> was killed by <killer>(&d<health>)&4 \u2665"
    player-killed-duel: "&a<player> was killed by <killer>(<health>&4 \u2665)"
    epearl-countdown: '&ePearl COUNTDOWN: &c<time> seconds.'
    in-game-lore: '&9In Game: <size>'
    in-queue-lore: '&9In Queue: <size>'
    middle-to-preview: '&eMiddle click to preview kit'
    invite-yourself-party: '&cYou can''t invite yourself to party.'
    duel-invite-yourself: '&cYou can''t invite yourself at duel.'
    cant-accept-yourselft: '&cYou can''t accept yourself a party invite'
    countdown-leave-queue: '&cYou need to wait 1 second to leave'
    cant-accept-while-playing: '&cYou can''t accept duels if you are in game.'
    restricted-commands: '&cYou can''t use these commands right now'
    elotop-command-usage: '&cUse command: /elo top <kit>'
    kit-already-exist: '&cThis kit already exists.'
    kit-doesnt-exist: '&cThis kit doesn''t exists.'
    successfuly-set-kit-armor: '&aThe armor of kit has been set.'
    successfuly-set-kit-contents: '&aThe contents of kit has been set.'
    current-queue-item-name: '&aCurrent Queue'
    current-kit-item-name: '&aCurrent Kit'
    leave-queue-item-name: '&cLeave queue'
    ranked1vs1-inventory-name: '&b&lRanked 1vs1 - Select a kit'
    ranked2vs2-inventory-name: '&b&lRanked 2vs2 - Select a kit'
    ranked3vs3-inventory-name: '&b&lRanked 3vs3 - Select a kit'
    party-inventory-name: '&b&lSelect a kit.'
    editing-inventory-name: '&b&lSelect a kit to edit'
    unranked-inventory-name: '&b&lUnranked kits'
    duel-inventory-name: '&b&lSelect a duel kit.'
    duel-sending: '&aSending a duel request to <player>'
    preview-kit-inventory-name: '&c<kit> preview'
    save-kit-line-1: '&aSave'
    save-kit-line-2: '&aKit'
    save-kit-line-3: ''
    save-kit-line-4: ''
    load-kit-line-1: '&aLoad'
    load-kit-line-2: '&aKit'
    load-kit-line-3: ''
    load-kit-line-4: ''
    load-default-kit-line-1: '&aLoad Default'
    load-default-kit-line-2: '&aKit'
    load-default-kit-line-3: ''
    load-default-kit-line-4: ''
    teleport-to-spawn-line-1: '&aTeleport to'
    teleport-to-spawn-line-2: '&bSpawn'
    teleport-to-spawn-line-3: ''
    teleport-to-spawn-line-4: ''
    no-kit-defined: '&cThere is no kit defined to see your elo'
    inventory-view-skull: '&cPlayer Died'
    inventory-view-food-points: '&cFood food points'
    inventory-view-effects: '&6Potion Effects'
    inventory-view-hearts: '&cHearts'
    enemy-inventory-view-text: '&6Click to see <player> inventory.'
    enemy-inventory-view-display: '&6Click to see '
    enemy-inventory-view-message: '&6Click to see <player> inventory.'
    your-inventory-view-text: '&6Click to see your inventory'
    your-inventory-view-display: '&6Click to see '
    your-inventory-view-message: '&6Click to see your inventory.'
    added-to-queue: '&aAdded to <kit> queue.'
    arrow-indicator: '&c<player> is now on <health>'
    party-events-inventory-name: '&bParty Events'
    party-fight-name: '&aParty Fight'
    party-ffa-name: '&aParty FFA'
    two-vs-two-disabled: '&cThe gamemode 2VS2 is now disabled.'
    three-vs-three-disabled: '&cThe gamemode 3VS3 is now disabled.'
    game-finished-by-time: '&aIt''s a draw.'
    uhcmeetup-player-killed: '&a<player> was killed by <killer>(<health>HP)'
    uhcmeetup-player-died: '&a<player> died.'
    uhcmeetup-already-in-game: '&cYou are already in a game.'
    uhcmeetup-game-full: '&cThis game is full'
    uhcmeetup-player-joined: '&a<player> joined the game. &a(<in>/<max>)'
    uhcmeetup-not-in-game: '&cYou are not in any game.'
    uhcmeetup-player-leave: '&a<player> left from game. &a(<in>/<max>)'
    uhcmeetup-starting-in: '&aUHCMeetup starting in <seconds>'
    LOL I don't know what i did, but is works!!))

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