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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by JStylow, Nov 26, 2011.

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    I dont understand the way the plots work... Is there A way to select 2 points and make the space within it A plot? I cant get it to work any other way...

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    PLots are, by default, tied to Minecraft's grid of chunks. i.e. 16*16. You can't select regions as you can with, say, WorldGuard. Whilst some see this as restrictive, it's a boon for server admins as it means you delegate control out to the players. If you are starting a new world, you can alter the default size to something smaller, such as 4*4, or larges such as 32*32. But DO NOT do this if you have players already building on your world. bad things will happen.
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    Okay thanks... To bad:( They should add that soon... Well now i have another problem.. If I try to claim it it says: selected area contains no valid points... :(


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    Trying to claim what, exactly? What command are you using to claim?
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    /plot claim its towny plugin
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    just... for the record if anyone else sees this you need to put it for sale first, by typing /plot fs 0 or /plot forsale 0 and then type /plot claim
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