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Discussion in 'Plugin Requests' started by DevTaube, May 22, 2022.

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    As someone who did roleplay on creative servers with plots for quite some time (stopped some time ago), I know how bad it is if someone griefs your plot.

    What if someone developed a plugin (or extension for one, could also be WorldGuard? Idonno that much about Minecraft plugins...) that allows you to give your builders a special kind of role.
    This role allows users to make edits to the plot. When they want to edit something permanently on the plot, they type in a command (idonno maybe '/p edit start'), edit the plot (changes are only on the client side!) and then when they are done they type in another command (idonno maybe '/p edit end' or /p edit complete').
    When they send of their changes, the owner or all people with some other higher role get a message (maybe put a timeout on sending these requests after a few times?) and can look what the plot would look like with these changes applied (only the blocks that the edit changed get applied, so if changes to the plot happend during the edit they are still there).
    These people can then decide if they want to apply these changes or not.
    After every edit, the plugin could also do a backup (so you can undo these changes?).
    This way, if someone griefs your plot, you just ban them and don't accept these changes, and if they built something nice, you accept them.

    I hope you see where I am going with this.
    It may be a bit complicated for some users at first, but if it is implemented user friendly and reliably, I think this could revolutionize plot servers.

    I considered doing this myself, as I have quite a bit of experience in JS, Python, Java and Rust, but I don't want to learn so much about Minecraft plugins just because of an idea, so here you go!

    I don't know about the legal stuff on here...
    If you want to program this, do it!
    I dont want it done for myself or at any specific time, go ahead and upload it for anyone to use!
    Would be nice if I was credited somewhere tho :D

    If someone griefed somewhere in the process, the owner could just deny the changes.

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