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    Plugin category: Role Playing

    Suggested name: PlotMe RolePlaying

    What I want: I've seen that many... many players on my creative plots server are doing roleplays, but it has never been easy to organize a roleplay in a good way and there's alot of different roleplays with different chat spamming other people.
    So what I'm looking for is a plugin that makes the life easier of roleplay owners and players and makes it so non-roleplayers can't be annoyed!

    Please let me know if all of this is even possible and if you have any more suggestions or ideas aswell.

    Also, if you make this plugin, a little bit of credit toward my server would be nice and it could be used as 'demo-server'! :)

    Ideas for commands, permissions and what it does:
    ### Server Staff Commands ###
    /rp delete <title>plotrp.deleteDelete a certain RP from the database
    noneplotrp.spyGives staff ability to view all RP chat.

    ### RP Owner Commands ###
    /rp create <title> (max. 25 chars)plotrp.createMakes the plot where the owner is standing on an RP plot with title, people will receive a message when entering the plot.
    /rp setinfo <info here>plotrp.setinfoGive information what the RP is about etc.
    /rp inviteonly (on|off)plotrp.inviteonlyToggles Invite Only: on or off
    /rp setspawnplotrp.setspawnSets spawnpoint of the RP (has to be set on the plot)
    /rp endplotrp.endEnd the RP, all information about the RP is saved but the RP is disabled.
    /rp startplotrp.startStart the RP (again) with information of previous RP on that plot
    /rp maxplayers <number>plotrp.maxplayersSets a maximum amount of players that can be in the RP
    /rp newowner <username> > Warning message > /rp owner confirmplotrp.newownerSets a new owner, the current owner will receive warning and has to confirm that he wants to set that player as new owner)
    /rp admin <username|rp name>plotrp.adminAdds or removes an admin to the RP
    /rp removeplotrp.removeDelete the currently owned RP from the database

    ### RP Admin Commands ###
    /rp invite <name>plotrp.inviteInvite someone to the RP, upon /rp join the player gets teleported to the RP spawnpoint
    /rp forcename <username> <rp name>plotrp.forcenameForces an RP name to a certain player
    /rp forcerole <username> <role name>plotrp.forceroleForces an RP role to a certain player
    /rp kick <username|rp name>plotrp.kickKick a certain player out of the RP by username or rp name

    ### RP Player Commands ###
    /rp join <title>plotrp.joinJoin an RP instantly if InviteOnly is off or if its on, after invite (can join only 1 RP at a time, needs to leave to join another one)
    /rp leaveplotrp.leaveLeave the current RP
    /rp spawnplotrp.spawnGo to the spawnpoint of the RP
    /rp name <rp name>plotrp.nameSet your name of your character in the RP (will be visable in RP chat instead of real username, and above head while in the RP)
    /rp role <role name>plotrp.roleSet the name of your role in the RP (will be visable behind the RP name)
    /rp gender (male|female)plotrp.genderSet the gender of your RP character (will be visable in front of the RP name)
    /rp age <number> (between 1-128)plotrp.ageSet the age of your RP character (will be visable in front of the RP name)
    /rp infoplotrp.infoView info about the RP, whats it about.
    /rp setpinfo <player info>plotrp.setinfoSet information about yourself
    /rp pinfo <username>plotrp.pinfoView information about a certain player
    /rp setcrush <username|rp name>plotrp.setcrushSet your crush
    /rp crush <username|rp name>plotrp.crushView the crush of another player

    RP chat format (configurable): &8[&7<gender>, <age>&8] &9<rp name> &8(&2<role name>&8) &d&l: &7<chat here>

    RP chat will only be visable when the player is on the RP plot and joined the rp:
    When joined, outside the plot : normal chat (EssentialsChat with PermissionsEx prefixes and suffixes)
    When joined, inside the plot : RP chat (custom format)
    When not joined, in/out-side the plot : normal chat (EssentialsChat with PermissionsEx prefixes and suffixes)

    When I'd like it by: One day...

    Thanks for reading!
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    This is almost the same as Factions. Except from the "Chat" part. Maybe the creators of Factions, PlotMe and JunksRegionChat can create this plugin for you. I am not a Dev :|
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    Not sure but I believe my request is very different from Factions as this would need to work perfectly with PlotMe, as an addon basically.
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    Anyone knows if what I'm asking is possible?
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    timtower Moderator Moderator

    It is possible

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