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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Brevoort43214, Jul 2, 2015.

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    Whenever I do /mv create plotworld normal -g PlotMe-DefaultGenerator it always says:
    starting creation...

    an internal error has occurred.

    What is happening?
    (on my console it does say: Could not pass asyncplayerevent to VteamCity)
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    Larry Newman

    @Brevoort43214 Pulled directly from the Plotme Spigot page.

    "I am getting an Internal Server Error:
    If you are getting an internal server error, you have an issue with your PlotMe setup. Make sure that you have changed the generator from "PlotMe" to "PlotMe-DefaultGenerator". Make sure that your worldnames in the PlotMe configs are lowercase. If you just generated the world with Multiverse, you need to reload PlotMe for any PlotMe commands to work.
    Still having issues? Some users that still have trouble have followed the steps for setting up a PlotMe world without Multiverse/MultiWorld. Following those steps seemed to work for them."
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    @Larry Newman
    What do you mean without Mw and Mv.
    And it still doesn't seem to be working. Do I put PlotMe-DefaultGenerator in the plugins folder?
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    On this page there are steps to set up PlotMe without Multiverse or MultiWorld:

    Also, if you're talking about the other plugin jar file that came with PlotMe, then yes you need to put it in the plugins folder. Not having that is like trying to build a skyscraper without blueprints, you're going to get some internal errors.
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