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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Sheepii, Aug 31, 2014.

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    It seems to be nearly nonexistent. I was wondering if it is possible to clear plots, by getting using:


    I can't seem to find a function anywhere to clear the plot.

    Edit: before you ask, I have tried communicating with the owners of the plugin. Who has evaded me on multiple occasions for weeks.

    The closest I could come up with would be

    1. Plot theirplot = PlotManager.getPlotById(plotlocations.get(participants.get(player)));
    2. Date date = (Date) Calendar.getInstance().getTime();
    3. theirplot.setExpire(date);

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    If you're talking about irc, I wasn't evading you. You tried to talk to me while I wasn't on (I use a bouncer so I always appear to be on irc).

    First you find your plot. There's many ways to do it, you can use a location or get a player's plots.

    PlotManager.clear(World w, Plot plot) is what you should call to clear it, there is also a reset if you want to reset it.

    We'll be improving the API soon.
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    Alright, thanks man. I didn't really mean you were purposely evading me. I was basically saying, we were on at different times and that was conflicting with my contact with you. Haha. I guess if you read it, it does kinda come off as me being a douche. Sorry about that, that wasn't my intention.
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