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    Plugin category: Creative

    Suggested name: CreativePlot

    A bit about me: Hello, my name is Daniel im 16 y/o
    I have a creative server and i got this nice idea!
    I apologize for my english, im from Denmark :)

    What I want: The plugin:
    You choose a region with a tool, a woodenaxe. Then the admin type "/plot create "plotname"" and then the plot is protected and no one is aviable to build in it yet. Then a player wants to build in it and then he stands in the plot and type "/plot claim" and now he is the owner of it. Then he an type "/plot addmember "name"" and they specified name will be a member of the plot and is now also allowed to build in the plot.
    But then it would be hard to find a plot in the end? No it wont, cause there will be a command "/plot free" and it will TP you to the nearest free plot.
    Also a command "/plot remove "nameofplot"" this command will makes the specified owner of the plot removed

    Ideas for permissions:
    CreativePlot.CreatePlot (Only Admins)

    Willing to pay up to: I hope im not going to pay anything, but in the end mabey I will have to :)
    If then a plugin devolper plz send me a mail
    [email protected]

    When I'd like it by: When its ready, but before is best!

    Similar plugin requests: None.

    Devs who might be interested in this: @TnT @ChrizC @codename_B (yes I tagged myself)
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    hey osterbro,
    i want the same, have you skype?
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    WorldEdit & WorldGuard ?!
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    Add me: Counterfreak2635
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    If you find this, i also want this, add me Warhawk850

    There is a plugin EXACTLY like this but it cots $25 + tips from Moogle, MyPlot.
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    Here you go


    It's not the same commands. Make a fence and a sign using [rp] :p Well ikillforeyou is LegendaryCraft Number 1 Servers dev so I know him :D Lucky me. ANyways that plugin should help.
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    It costs money, something I would be against considering bukkit is a free and open community.
    I would rather suggest a plugin being made right now named Buildersplot. It has all the features wanted from this thread, and on the todo list is everything MyPlot does if not more :)
    Link: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/buildersplot
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    Well, i have MyPlot, i thoght u wanted to pay moogle for it.
    Its the money worth!
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    I don't think any plugin should cost money. When a good plugin is made, people would donate for it.
    But it was your request after all, I just chose to comment for those with the same request, but are not willing to pay money.
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