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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Elbasel, Mar 10, 2014.

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    i hace recelty downloaded permissionsex , and now i cant use any commands , just the simple one like /spawn
    i have uskyblock and i want to use /is but it tell me you do nto have permission to use that command and my name is in the op and i did /op elbasel ( Witch is my name ) Why cant i use the /is !!!!!!!!
    here is my my files

    permissions file :
    default: true
    - modifyworld.*

    Config File :
    backend: file
    file: permissions.yml
    Maybe it the file that has somethign wrong ?
    if it's please give me a premade file i can overwrite with this one
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    I can help. I would suggest scrapping that whole file. Do you have the latest version of PEX? If so, modify world is not needed. I can create a file for you if you like, just tell Me the groups you want along with the permissions and i can make you one! Thanks

    Reach me by using xMDK

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