Please help me set up plugins

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Avous, Feb 17, 2011.

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    im about to caveman club my computer. i can get the server started but this deals with plugins

    i got permissions in the addons folder and i restarted the server now on the command prompt for the server it says it loads it everythings fine...

    i try adding General to the addons folder and reloading the server updating the permissions folder and the server says every command is invalid :)

    so... heres a pastebin of my permissions text file :D im about to caveman bash my computer and my friend that usually hosts the server the .bat file just closes instantly and no server :)

    assist me before i break something expensive ~_~

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    when you say "addons" folder you mean plugins right? Can you post a picture of the folder your server is in. I don't see any major problems with the permissions file (make sure there are no tabs). Also Post your server log (well the important parts) if there are any errors or if plugins aren't loading (plugins should show up as installed in the log)
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    looked like you were missing the : next to your name, at the bottom, i fixed it.
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    Yes i meant plugins folder. beyond that it seems like general doesnt work? i checked the general folder in the plugins folder and the txt file is empty. theres no errors in the server text either and i fixed my name in the permissions text.

    but still as i said it doesnt register any command from General as a working command. and it does nothing im using the craftbukkit 0.0.1 and the latest permissions.
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    you have the general plugin in the plugins folder and its loading in the server log?
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    yes the general plugin is in the plugin folder and its not loading
    --- merged: Feb 19, 2011 9:03 PM ---
    so any help please?
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    post your server log
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    i just got it working after someone posted a fix on their forums aparently general wasnt working with permissions 2.0 thanks everyone that posted
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