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    Why do you need so many cores to host a Bukkit server, Lol?

    Also what made you choose Enjin for your website? I'm not saying anything bad, I'm just curious why some people chose it over their own hosting and a CMS or forum.
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    Was just a decision I guess, it works like a dream, blew up over 40,000 tnt and server didn't crash nor kick players. Just lagged for about 5-10 seconds (could have been client lagg) and then you could watch it all blow up.

    Its easy to manage, has many great features such as the shop included with api, flexible on what you can put on the website. Has its own build in forum that is easy to manage, alot of minecraft modules and even more coming, you can manage server ranks easy, take donations, can have forums for recruitment, contact forms that send replies to emails. etc etc, I could go on :p
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    I have a quad core (with hyperthreading) and I can ignite 100K+ TNT with no lag and 30 online :p. I'm just saying, I'm assuming it cost a lot for your server, but servers like that really aren't needed really, unless you are running into performances issues 'obviously'. Nonetheless nice server :V

    I thought about using Enjin once, since it's easy to manage but I didn't think my community would like it, also I like having access to all my files.
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    We are stilling looking for some developers, if you wish to, feel free
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    I could definently be a part of a Dev team for you guys. Just wondering do you already have a dev team and just need more people? Or are you looking to get one started? I'm fairly new to plugin creation but I've already published one plugin called SpoutTitle which can be found on my BukkitDev page. SpoutTitle basically makes the nameplates (names floating over a player) disappear with the use of a server-side SpoutPlugin and SpoutCraft. I made SpoutTitle for use on PvP servers and servers doing special events like The Hunger Games where they don't want nameplates to give away players locations.

    By the way, that is a legit video you guys have on the website.

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    Still looking for a few more devs.

    I have another protection idea that I found would work great on the server and would like it to be developed. PM me for more info!

    Apply within!
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    I would love to apply but I have my own server, ofcourse not as good as yours but I'm still young.
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    I'd love to apply. I can make plugins, but for an odd reason recompiling for me doesn't work anymore. No errors show up, but the .jar doesn't show. However, I can make nice graphical designs for plugins, the plugins forum post, and what not. I'd love to do something like that! I'd be happy to show some examples.

    Just scroll through. The first one I made about a month ago. The rest I made either a year or longer ago.

    Anyways, have a good day.

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    That is actually a very legit community you have there! two servers, lots of people, nice looking site! nice job!
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    Thanks for te kind comment, really appreciate it!
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    Sweet jesus what a machine<3 :eek:

    I just bought me a 1270 does anyone know if there's a site in norway that actually sells ECC memory? -.,.-
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    Still looking for 1 or 2 Experienced devs! Message me and I will give you my Skype so we can talk about some plugins and what you get in return
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    Man, I so wish I was a dev right now....
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    Added an application form:
    Country/Time Zone:
    How long have you been coding java?:
    Previously created plugins:
    Do you have skype?
    Addition Comments:
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    Jacob Marshall

    Age: 16
    Country/Time Zone: New Zealand (Auckland)
    How long have you been coding java?: nearly 3 years
    Previously created plugins: MelooonCensor
    Do you have skype?: jacob.marshall.96
    Addition Comments: Take a look at my bio for more info.
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    Added you on skype

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