Please continue GroupManager!

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by Zothen, Aug 18, 2011.

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    Dear Gods of Java-coding,

    please have mercy and somebody continue GroupManager! We need this slick plugin and its fantastic command syntax!

    Please have a heart! :oops:
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    I am making with my team (Ksc)

    This will be a fully updated, and working with all the new bukkit builds.
    It will have the same functionality as GM, just making it better.
    It will be submitted very soon hopefully :)
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    There is absolutely no need for this, unless you are turning it into a superperms manager.

    In which case I am all for it.
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    It will have some nodes changed to work better with BukkitPermissions and Permissions 3x.
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    So good news! Thanks a lot! =)
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    a lot of people hate bukkit perms
    sorry, but there is a need for this
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    Yeah, well I guess a lot of people have to get used to BukkitPerms. SuperPerms is taking over, and we have to face it.

    @codename_B already made a SuperPerms manager :D

    People are being close-minded because it's a different format than they are used to. SuperPerms is simple. Just attack it with an open-mind and you should be surprised.
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    i looked through it and didn't like it for various reasons
    1) having prefix/suffixes in one plugin made it a lot easier for using chat plugins
    2) instead of turning 1 plugin into an API, it spawned several more plugins
    3) the wildcard and negative permissions nodes are very useful, but superperms doesn't support that
    4) it doesn't support groups which is a lot easier than assigning multiple permissions to every single person
    5) superperms already lacks features, so why should i switch over?
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    1) mChat
    2) I don't even get what you're saying here.
    3) It does have negative nodes, what you do is this:
    worldedit.brush: false
    4) It doesn't support GROUPS? What are you talking about???
    5) All regular Permissions Managers are becoming Inactive. Essentials dropped GroupManager, Permissions 3 is marked Inactive. Soon all of them will be Inactive, and we have to use SuperPerms, so you might as well get used to it now.
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    1/2) I've seen mutliple permissions plugins created since the API.
    Also, instead of having variables to someone's name in the same plugin as the permissions (which actually makes sense), they're now split into different plugins. (I've also seen several plugins created since the API adding user-variables as well.)
    3) But wildcard nodes are still missing.
    People say it's better to assign a node to take place of a wildcard, but that's tedious for both plugin devs and server owners. Instead of doing: plugin.* or just *, you have to assign the plugin.all (or whatever their node is for giving all permissions) for every plugin. (Same idea with child nodes like: plugin.child.*)
    4) ... You've never been on a server with groups or ranks? :eek:
    It basically made assigning permissions much easier because you could make different groups and give them their own permissions and just promote someone instead of adding several different permissions per person.
    5) This thread is about the revival of Group Manager. And we all have preferences as to which permissions system is better. I like the idea of a permissions API, but it's too lacking and we need more plugins to make up for that. Until then, I'd rather stick with the old system while I can.

    Back on topic: @Mrchasez
    The new GM will still work just like it used to for those who prefer it right? :)
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    Currently theres no proper replacement for what GroupManager was able to do. And most newer plugins are still too basic. That might change but up till now GM is top notch. Period.
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    What I was talking about when I said that was, PermissionsBukkit does, in fact, have groups. I'm a Plugin Developer (without a tag) and have been running a server for 6 months. I'm not retarded.
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    Yes, It will still fully work like it used to, We have changed a few things though.
    Multi-world support will now be automatic, (world one and world two will be the same at default)

    We are looking into supporting SuperPerms with GroupManager+
    For Prefixes and Suffixes, You won't edit or add them in GM+.

    For Prefixes and Suffixes you will need to use EssentialsChat, which will work directly with GM+.

    If you have a group called Member
    set up like this:

    default: false
    - ExamplePermission
    - guest
    prefix: ''
    build: true
    suffix: ''

    You will keep Prefix and Suffix Blank on the GM+ Config, If you want to add a prefix or suffix you will use
    EssentialsChat, Which will be set up like this:

    Member: '&f[&f{GROUP}&f]&f {DISPLAYNAME}:&f {MESSAGE}'

    The EssenitalsChat "Member"
    and the GM+ Group Member will link up.
    Kinda the same premise with GM

    Their are a few small changes, some tweaking to make it run better.
    Removing some out dated stuff, that is not really needed anymore.
    Better support to work with other plugins, We are trying to keep it as similar to GM as possible.
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    How about support for other chat plugins?
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    iChat will work aswell
    What other ones do you want?
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    We will try
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    @Mrchasez Can't wait to see this, keep up the good work. :)
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    feildmaster Retired Staff

    Use a new plugin. it SPAWNED new plugins! (oh my gosh!)
    What the hell is so hard about "!player.hasPermission()"!?!?!? or setting a node to "false" on a select player??
    Your lack of management isn't bukkit's problem. (and it's called Permissions.yml in the root folder)
    Because it's the ONLY thing major plugins/developers will be supporting, especially over time.
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    i really liked groupmanager, it was the only permission plugin where my mods dont always ask me how the command's were, and they also could change small stuff directly ingame...

    But: it makes sense. It really makes sense building it all on ONE basic permission node,directly includet to the API. You bash on missing features, how do you know they dont get implemented? Be kind, be patient, i think this is an amazing step for bukkit !

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