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    iLakerz Onlineids
    Yeah, I've been waiting on this too, posted a similar thread awhile back.
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    Could I just add a config that you can enter words into
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    he already put that in, but the problem is people can still get through the anti cuss by putting in special characters.
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    Hey, sorry I have been extremely busy with work and other irl projects that I haven't had much time to get to my computer and finish up some small things with this plugin.

    It already has a working config file that allows you to store the blocked/replacement words, also does function, just needs a few minor adjustments/additions to make it perfect to catch every bad word efficiently..

    The few things I mentioned earlier in this thread are are almost done, I just need to test/tweak a few things.

    The only thing that has been holding me up is the time to get on my pc and get it done.
    I should be able to have an update this weekend, I am off and can spare a few hours to get this right for you guys.

    If anyone wants to help on the project I will add it to my GitHub just let me know.
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    so are you almost done with it? :\ we been waiting for months
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    It has been a few weeks since extended_clip's last response...
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    timtower Administrator Administrator Moderator

    extended_clip You alive?
    I mostly won't see a post if I am not tagged or quoted, probably the same with extended_clip
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    Yeah im alive! Ill start testing the new version. Sorry lol I totally let this slip my mind.

    Here is an updated version!

    ToggleCursing version 1.2

    This version fixes chat formatting so filtered messages display correctly for players with cursing toggled off.

    Fixed bypassing blocked words with characters such as "$h!t"

    Still working on the spacing of words such as "s h * t" - For now you can enter the words in the config with the spacing included until I figure out an efficient way to block this.

    I added a config option to automatically toggle cursing filter on when a player joins.
    "Toggle_On_Join: true"
    This option depends if you have "Use_Permissions" set to true or not.
    If you have Use_Permissions set to false, every player will have the filter enabled when they join.
    If you have Use_Permissions set to true, only players with permission "tc.use"will automatically toggle cursing off on join.

    You can now edit most of the messages this plugin sends to offer some customization.

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    @iLakerz, @LordDarthBob let me know if you have any problems/suggestions with the new version.

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