Players keep getting disconnected

Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by Wicstar, Feb 10, 2012.

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    Good day all,
    My players keeps getting disconnected from the server.

    Bukkit: 1.1 R3
    - LWC
    - Essentials
    - Choptree
    - LogBlock

    This is the error that comes up in the console before they get disconnected. Unfortunately, I dont get what are those source files number. It's always the same numbers by the way.
    [INFO] Read timed out
    [SEVERE] Socket closed
    [SEVERE]    at
    [SEVERE]    at
    [SEVERE]    at
    [SEVERE]    at
    [SEVERE]    at
    [SEVERE]    at
    2012-02-10 17:46:29 [INFO] DarkWarrior727 lost connection: disconnect.endOfStream
    Anyone can help me here ? I am starting to lose my players :S
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    Seems like it's happening to alot of players find out where they live my server only kicks east coast players form this error.
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    I been told its a problem with Minecraft, not Bukkit. Can a another Bukkerter confirm?
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    Donald Scott

    This doesn't necessarily mean anything. It could be a simple disconnect.
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    This is because your bandwith cant cope with all the connectios. You will need good internet download speed for this and uplaod speed
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    Well I am paying for the host ( it is suppose to accommodate 24 players... it crash if we are alone or 6 online haha !
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    Ask them there network specs, also if you live in the UK get
    They are the best
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    I live in Canada. Our server is in Chicago and always worked fine until 1.1 release.
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    Like i said ask what their Network specs are. Let me join server ok i will see what plugin is causing it

    Found error. Get rid of logblock then you should be alright. Also how much ram is allocated on the server

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    Ya I don't believe this has anything to do with bandwith. I have been running my server with 60-80 people on it all the time and until 1.1.0 I have had no problems. My host is running a 100mb upload it's a 16gig xeon 3.4 quad dedicated server and I have 10tb's of bandwith to use monthly and don't come close. the cap is set to 1tb a day on the servers robot opitions. There's alot of post about this topic and no one really knows. Some say it's bukkit some say mojang some tried to say it's a plugin. I googled binged and checked all the forums I possibly could no one has a single answer.

    All my players get read timed out error only from the east coast like 10-20 or more players will just drop then can't connect back in 2-5mins alot of them say it's been happening on other servers they play on to so no idea. Just hope maybe with a 1.2.0 release this issue will be fixed through whatever is doing it. Because in 1.0.0 I had never had any issues with a read timed out at all.
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    Yeah I guess we will wait until then.
    I don't want to get rid of LogBlock as it was working fine before and it is a great tool against griefer
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    Nathan C

    Dude, this error means nothing and is basically normal.

    Happens all the time on my server and it is just someone disconnecting usually.
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    Those people are not disconnecting, they are being kicked. Which is why the error is popping.
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    Nathan C

    Nope, not for me. It happens because their internet crashes or something else wrong on the clients end.
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    I have beastnode and ever since 1.1 i've had the server randomly lag 3-5 seconds and start disconnecting players left and right. It reports no errors or overloaded messages during this time only a laundry list of disconnects. Then it will be fine.

    I've pulled my hair out disabling plugins, upgraded to more RAM, everything. Even talked to beastnode and they said i was the only one getting these problems.

    Btw, Wicstar i'm on the chicago node as well.

    It happened to me 3 times today alone.

    EDIT - 1.1-R4 is now out.
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    I've had this error too and users think they're getting kicked, I'm 99% sure its a MineCraft bug.
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    I host a server with 1-10 players online all the time and sometimes this error pops up and kicks everyone.
    While they got kicked, the server freezes i think for about 20sec then we're able to join again.
    Happens pretty often now when i upgraded from R1 to 1.2.3 beta
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