Players are not staying on my minecraft server

Discussion in 'Bukkit Discussion' started by docwho1234, Jun 23, 2013.

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    I have recently started up a server, about 1 month and half and It seems that I have a 9 people average which isn't much compared to the 7000players who have joined. I have done a good job advertising but keeping the players on is the problem.

    Server ip:

    Please help, thanks
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    Do they have something to stay for?
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    What do you mean? Of couse we have MineZ, Factions and even Survival Games!
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    What about the other 5000 servers that have exactly the same thing? What makes yours so special?
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    My server has Guns, Airships, massive hordes of zombies, custom landscape and auto generated cities...
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    Halo seems to be pulling the players. Maybe get a dev to make you a Halo plugin, or something like that.
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    My server has custom-coded guns, elemental swords, harder monsters, faster monsters, mobs riding on bats, entity riding, shops(emerald money), free ranks by killing mobs, coloured name tags above player heads and in chat, god, herobrine, a new mob - the ninja, effects & anvil noises in PVP, music discs playing wherever you go, Enemy health shown, And a custom map-generator which will be out by today or tomorrow, And that is just all the custom-coded features, Which dosent include hungergames, the arenas, etc.

    And yet i only get about 60 players on at peak times.

    It is about community as well as features, How else do you think servers like got all their players?
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    So your recommendation is?
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    Have a friendly loving community, who interacts with your members, have things at your spawn that your players can do IMMEDIATLEY, And have lots of custom-coded features.
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    I agree, You will need to build a good community.. communicate with players and be friendly.
    The way your spawn looks is very important also, it's the first thing people see so give them something to stay for and also make your features easy to access and understand :)
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    Thanks for helping, im currently creating a network with a hub, survival, creative and minez :)

    Is that a good idea :D
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    docwho1234 Networks are very popular at the moment. However survival, creative, and MineZ have all been done before. Like the others said you will need something extra to keep the players.
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    Whats your opinion, maybe ill add Temple run to it :D Temple run server vs Parkour server
    OR BOTH? :)
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    docwho1234 Never played a Temple Run Server. So that seems quite unique.
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    Yeah same here! I saw the plugin so I was like f** yeah :p, I think ill start with temple run and later add in Parkour, the more things, the more appealing to more people, the more players is my philosophy.

    Anyone have more suggestions. please join my server :

    And come look for yourself
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