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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by raGan., Aug 4, 2012.

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    Hello, I was trying to make player not pickup anything on pickup event, effectively erasing picked up item, but I was not able to do that. I tried event.getItem().setItemStack(), but it always throws NPE when I modify item in any way, and player connected to the event with Internal server error message. Is this even possible ?
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    evt.setCancelled(true) maybe?
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    I don't want to cancel event. I want player to pick up item and not give him anything.
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    so you want him to be able to remove it from the ground but instead of going into his inventory, it vanishes?
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    Exactly. It seems to be harder than I first thought.
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    Just cancel the event and remove the entity from the world?
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    I will try that, but it needs to meet few conditions. I will post again if something goes wrong.

    I have run into a problem. How to change entity involved in the event ? This does not work:
    int rem = event.getRemaining();
    if(rem > 0) {
      ItemStack newit = item.clone();
    } else {
    What I am trying to do here is partially remove items from dropped item but changing amount does not work. How can it be changed ?
    edit: item is item from getItemStack(), so it represents item on the ground (it really does)

    I found solution I am fine with. Whenever only part of the stack is picked up, it removes it completely and spawns new item_drop with remaining amount at the same location. Item also jumps a little, which looks like ripping part of it away.

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