PlayerLoginEvent.getHostname() not working?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by TomShar, Jan 22, 2014.

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    I've tried multiple servers using domains and just raw IP's to connect but nothing, the method never returns anything.

    Is it broken?
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    Post the code?
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    it is in the title...
  4. What are you trying to do? Get the players host name? Or IP?
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  6. acecheesecr14
    It's just a way of telling people what class the said method is in. If he would have made the title "getHostName()" or "e.getHostName()", it would be quite tough to figure out what method he is talking about.

    Also, your code does absolutely nothing. At least try to give proper examples.
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    Lionhard get the hostname that they use to connect to the server with. e.g
    which is .getHostname() but it returns nothing for some reason.
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    It returns blank if its unknown...

    And there was nothing wrong with that example...
    I asked for the code and he said in the title.. I corrected the code.
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    there was nothing to correct.
  10. acecheesecr14 idk maybe its because you use entity instead of player?

    EDIT: lol this post should go to TomShar I got confused and somehow mixed you two up. :D
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    learn to read source code (LoginListener), this field never set and always blank, left for upcoming versions (this you can read inside commit comment)
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    Point taken... But it wasn't intended!
  13. TomShar Hey, actually, I think I found the problem. You use e.getPlayer().getHostname().
    Isn't it e.getPlayer().getAddress().getHostName(); ?
    Try that, maybe it works!
  14. acecheesecr14
    I'm not upset, I was just pointing out a mistake in your post, but you for some reason became hostile.

    What did I help you with? Well first, you didn't seem to know what Class.method() means, so I explained it to you. Second, I corrected your mistake of thinking that getHostName() returns a String, not a Player.

    Also, I don't help people and expect to get a thank you, but you kind of hinted me that you would say "Oh thank you...", so I'm waiting for my thank you :)

    Lastly, in the future, please merge your posts instead of posting several ones in a row.

    Edit: Lionhard correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe you have to call getAddress() twice in a row before getHostAddress().
  15. Assist I just tried it in eclipse and player.getAddress().getHostName() seemed to work. If you would use player.getAddress().getAddress() it should work too, but that would give you the IP, I believe. TomShar told he wants the domain he is connecting from (Probably the domain of the players internet provider. Sorry, I have no experience with this and how they are called its just like or something like that).

    EDIT: Uhm, actually, you're right. player.getAddress().getAddress().getHostAddress() works too. :D
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    Please quote the post where I became hostile, I shall quote yours.

    And also, does RawCode 's input not help anything here?

    This made me feel like it was wrong, and in my mind it made sense.

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  17. acecheesecr14 How do you mean that? Sorry, didn't understand that. And Also it is actually really wrong what I told, I thought the e he uses is for entity, but that is actually the event. :oops:
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    Well when you tagged me in it I saw it and though "Oh yeah that makes sense", I'm tired you see. But the code I posted wasn't wrong at all, I still changed it, thinking you were correct. But read the JavaDocs because they say that you can use the getHostname() function with the PlayerLoginEvent.
  19. acecheesecr14 You can do that actually even without that event and I did not tell your code is wrong. ;)
    Let's see when the creator of this thread comes on and checks for the help, I think it might solve his problem with doing player.getAddress().getHostName(). Even though your event.getPlayer().getHostName() might work too.
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    Yeah you didn't mean too, you misstagged me in that post, not a problem bro.. But he is trying to get the hostname of the server (I think), and to me that looks like it will get the hostname of the player (?) Its entirely possible for the player to have a host name.. Mine is
  21. acecheesecr14 Uhm... I don't think he can look for what wasthe player's input in the direct connect thingy, or in their favorites.
    And I thought he wants to check the hostname of the players and yes, I did also told that the players have a hostname, you must missunderstood me thinking that I'm telling that the players do not have a hostname.
    Yeah, by english is bad.

    Anyways, with this:
    get the hostname that they use to connect to the server with. e.g
    which is .getHostname() but it returns nothing for some reason.
    I understood that he wants to to get the hostname of the players who connects to the server.

    But if he wants to get the domain the players use to connect to the server,
    he is probably wrong with getHostname as this gets the player's host name, not what they put in at the connect.

    In this case, I think the problem is solved. :eek:
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  23. acecheesecr14 :O

    acecheesecr14 In this case, here should be the solution:
    1. @EventHandler
    2. public void onPlayerLogin(PlayerLoginEvent event){
    3. String hostname = event.getHostname();
    4. // Do whatever you want
    5. }

    TomShar Try this! ;)

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    Hahaha the JavaDocs are there for a reason... It explains why they were blank, i think that it gets the hostname from the (I'm not sure)...


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  25. acecheesecr14 "This post has been edited 4 times. It was last edited by acecheesecr14 38 minutes ago." I can't read it everytime you have edited it... :D Before it was something else.

    EDIT: Oh, and also: String hostname = event.getHostname();
    Thats the right way. ;)
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    getting IP of player and getting hostname player used for login is different things...
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