Player.performCommand without the permission?

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by twinflyer, Oct 24, 2011.

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    Hey everybody

    At the moment I'm creating a plugin, which allows admins to run commands for other players
    The target-player should perform the command, even if he hasn't the permissions.
    Is there another way than opping and deopping this player before/after the player.performCommand?

    sorry if my writing sucks....I'm writing on a TabletComputer :p
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    Just give the player the permission, do the action, and then take the permission away again.
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    How do you apply the permissions. I setup the permissions in the yml and it still says bukkit is sad etc.
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    It all depends on your permissions manager. In Permissions3 it would be something like
    I believe.
  5. DONT use permissions 3. You have to attach a permission to the player (player.attachPermission() I think)
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    Would be OK :D
    But how do I get the permission I need?
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    If you're talking about permissions for your own commands you decide what they are. If you mean permissions for anyone else's plugin I don't think it's possible. You might be able to read the plugin.yml file and find what permissions are needed for what command but that's only if the developer put it there.
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    Even that might not be enough, since plugins commonly use subcommands (e.g. /command subcommand args ...), and subcommands don't get listed in plugin.yml.

    To the OP:

    The best to achieve this is to require a superperms-compatible plugin be used, then you can use player.attachPermission() to give the player the nodes he needs, run the command, and then use player.removeAttachment() to take the nodes away again.

    And I'd strongly advise using try/finally to ensure that player.removeAttachment() always gets run, otherwise any command that causes an exception to be thrown will leave the player with permissions he shouldn't have.

    You could also temporarily grant the player op status if the commands being run are from a plugin which doesn't understand superperms, but care should obviously be taken with this. The try/finally thing applies there too, of course.

    Finally, if you really want to support non-superperms permissions plugins, then you need to go read up on those plugins and write code to use each of their APIs separately. Have fun with that.
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    I just found commsnd signs. But I didn't find how this problem is sloved there.

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    The new CommandSigns (v1.2) does it like I described above, as does my own ScrollingMenuSign plugin. player.addAttachment().
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