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    This is only a small and, in theory, simple plugin to create. all it would do is emit particles of a chosen type (smoke, nether/enderman, critical, sharpness enchant, anything else if I've missed it) from a player as if they had a particle effect. I'd like this plugin because it's purely for looks and would be great to give to my admins and donators. this may or may not be lag inducing but i'm sure it would work with the particle options in the minecraft client.

    I guess the config.yml file will look something like this:


    but idk. im not the expert, as long as it works some way its fine :D

    Thanks for reading and thanks again if you consider it. just tell me if you are because I would really like to see this be made

    EDIT: config.yml example had spaces of course but werent shown :L
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    i know its somewhat possible for example the puff of smoke when you use /f home in the factions plugin, so if that would trigger every second or something. i dont know first shit about it though :L

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