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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by xBacon420, Oct 25, 2017.

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    So recently, I downloaded one of your servers and hosted it locally (it works that's not the problem), if you read the title, I was online testing a configuration of NCP. So when it went to ban me, it said Player Not Found in console. I don't have essentials installed, when I had it installed NONE of the commands worked. Now I can't ban for some reason. Since that one was automated (auto ban) I tried to ban myself through console. It didn't work.

    PermissionsEx (ver 1.23.4)
    Conditional Commands 1.4 (SNAPSHOT)
    CustomBans (ver 1.1)

    If someone can tell me whats wrong here (maybe an incompatible plugin) thank!

    (Oh I forgot the server is bukkit 1.8.8)
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    You should not have more than one ban plugin. Try removing custombans and see if that fixes the NCP problem.

    Also, consider updating your server. Not only do a lot of plugins no longer support older updates, but 1.8 specifically had a ton of exploits and permission escalations that can bypass even the best anticheat plugins. Please read this and update your server (if you're only on 1.8 because of PVP, use <Edit by Moderator: Redacted not allowed paid resource url> [/URL]to bring 1.8 PVP to the newer versions)
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    The only reason I was on 1.8 because I can't find any 1.12 AntiCheat that would work and it was free because I'm cheap. (It was only a NCP config test anyways, not my actual server, it runs 1.12)

    Since the NCP config will autoban, The color codes do not work with it and I'm still looking through the config for it. So I though CustomBans will fix it but it didn't it works now though. Thanks!
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